The emperor’s beard #242: Loneliness

“Oh, by the way… baldness kinda runs in the family.”

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The emperor’s beard

  • Iconoc1ast


  • D. B.

    The Groucho Marx Glasses are a nice touch. 😀

  • Erber

    Love the grouch nose xD

  • euansmith

    Lovely. The cocktail, martini and the metal pipe in the head really nail the grim darkness.

  • zeno666


  • dave long island

    It looks like Larry King. Well, a younger, more handsome version of Larry King.

  • Hagwert

    I laughed so hard at this I almost dislodged my gene seed !

  • piglette

    You will never have a QT with a cog sticking out of her forehead to cuddle you in your 8X8 hab-block cell inbetween 18 hour manufactorum shifts.

    Why live?

  • PrehistoricUF0

    Baldness = death. If you’re bald you’re basically invisible to women. Anything past Norwood 1 and you better max all of the other aspects of your life to even have a SHRED of a chance with a 5/10 female. The rest of the women go to the Norwood 0s. The artist was right titling the comic ‘Loneliness’ and mentioning baldness. HAHAHA!

    Can’t wait for the coping responses to this lmao!!