Unboxing: Foul Blightspawn

The Foul Blightspawn brings the stink! Come take a look inside the box of this new Character for the Death Guard!

Every now and then Games Workshop comes up with a character that makes the 12 year old in me giggle a little bit. It’s not the model but his rules that “stink” – check out the Foul Blightspawn:

Let’s talk about the kit before we get to far ahead. It’s pretty great! It’s a single pose model – but that’s the only downside we had with it. The details are sharp and it looks grotesque. The cracked armor with the exposed… uh…”wound” is a nice touch! I also really liked the “helper” nurgling – it’s kinda cute. But really, it’s the “Mad Scientist” back-pack/portable vat of plague juice he has on his back that really takes it over the top.

Now, about why this model’s rules crack me up. Statwise, it’s not really anything new. The Plague Sprayer can be a pretty mean “flamer” type weapon it could randomly be str 12 and with 3 damage, and -3 AP that could really scare a lot of things on the tabletop! But it’s his abilities that crack me up:

First off, the Unholy Death’s Head Grenade is a throwback to some old school 40k lore. It’s a nice touch boost especially if you can pair it with the right statagem or a unit with a hyper blight grenade…However, it’s his second ability that really “puts the stank on it!”

Revolting Stench basically stuns charging enemies. The enemy unit is hit with a stench so foul that they lose their ability to fight first in the fight phase! I don’t have an issue with it in terms of mechanics. But the idea just makes me giggle. This guy smells so bad that Space Marines with Power Armor have to pause and hold their breath! Tyranids with venomous issues all their own turn their heads at the stench. Even enemy Death Guard units can be impacted by this smell. Now THAT is pretty funny to think about.

It’s just a little gas

The Foul Blightspawn will be stinkin’ up the place next weekend. It’s currently available for pre-order from Games Workshop. Gas Mask not included.

Foul Blightspawn $25

A revolting stench wafts around the Foul Blightspawn, his corruption clotting the air itself. Breath rattles through pus-slick tubes as he cranks the rusted handle of his malignant churn, bellows wheezing and plague slop roiling in the incubatum upon his back. Some foes stare in bewilderment at this strange performance. Some direct their fire at the Blightspawn, shots rebounding from his armour ot thumping harmlessly through rotten flesh in sprays of effluence. The wise, however, flee for their lives.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Foul Blightspawn. He carries an enormous, sinister tank on his back – the incubatum – brimming with foul and noxious disease, which he squirts indiscriminately with malign cheerfulness. His plague sprayer in his left hand drips this vile concoction with no thought for where it may land. A crack in his armour shows the unpleasant extent of his modifications; the gears and pistons of a malignant churn are forcibly driven into his guts. His armour, as well as being covered in rot, features plenty of icons of Nurgle, skulls and rust. There’s even an optional Nurgling clutching a blight grenade to be added to the base.


You think the Foul Blightspawn was inspired by Gamer Stench? Nah…that’s too real.

  • Nyyppä

    So. Is this monopose thing here to stay? Just asking because I’m not buying any of that even if they make my army playable some day.

    • LankTank

      When were characters ever NOT mono-pose? Only a few such as marine captain and chaos termi lord were

    • kobalt60

      Yes, monopose characters are here to stay. That would only be news if it was still 1993, when monopose characters came to stay

    • YetAnotherFacelessMan

      Out of morbid curiosity, what is your unplayable army? I can’t recall anything that has ever had a non-monopose release that isn’t currently supported.

      • I_am_Alpharius

        Oh no! Don’t open that door…that door leads to irrational gripes…that door leads to hate….which leads to imagine personal suffering of how GW have wronged them…

  • Oggthrok

    I love this guy, from the goo tank to the grenade toting Nurgling. So random and creepy, having an organ grinder in his stomach.

    I will certainly get this guy for the fun of painting him, but I also look forward to the conversions people will make to represent him.

    • dave long island

      You pretty much sold me on him. Ya, he is pretty cool.

    • I’m considering using Festus’ backpack for my conversion

  • Crevab

    Definitely gonna have to build my own because I have no idea what the designer was thinking.
    He holds the sprayer with his left and throws grenades with his right.
    But the crank and spare grenades are both on his left? And the whole
    churn assembly that goes through him? Doesn’t even make sense in a Chaos fever dream. Finally, it looks like the sprayer hose goes right through one of the spare grenades

    • It’s going UNDER the grenade. And he has a Nurgling to help him out, does he not?

      • Crevab

        Check the 3D view. They got rid of the undercut on the skull’s right side with that ooze, but half of the skull’s left side is hose

  • euansmith

    “To Lord and Lady Blightspawn, a son; Foul.”

  • artty

    i’m waiting for them to release all the death guard stuff so I can finally decide which of the fabulous models I want/need to buy!!!