Cosplay Artist Spotlight: Kae Chambers’ Harlequin

This week we’re featuring a Cosplay body paint artist straight out of the WebWay! 

In War there is Poetry

While surfing through the Facebook Eldar forums recently, I came across a fantastic Harlequin body paint photoshoot, and knew I had to track down the artist. I discovered Kae, an artist with a history in Warhammer and a beautifully whimsical aesthetic. She was kind enough to give us a short interview, and some more images of her fantastic Harlequin cosplay set with Jessika Locking and Stuart Richards.


How did you get your start with Warhammer 40k? 

I got into Warhammer about 15 years ago when I met my partner. He was brought up with WH and still collects the models and reads the books, as well as regular visits to Games workshop stores. He was always trying to get me to feel the love for Space Marines but I just didnt warm to it … until I looked at the Eldar Codex and it all changed.


What army/armies do you play?

We have Space marines that belong to my partner … We dont play as such but more for painting. Both our children are now into WH and now our youngest is old enough to play. An army collection is in progress.  Its really more for the story, the lore and for me.. the painting!


Who is your favorite character to create?

Any of the Eldar… I love elves, I love how dark they are compared to other representations. Harlequins seem quite mysterious. Their history is interesting with no distinction between art and war, kept alive through performance and their sole authority being the Laughing God. It makes for a good paint and helps having a wonderful model who can carry off the look.

How did you get your start with art/painting?

Originally I was a Cosplayer but I started the painting  because a friend of mine was a body paint model and got me to brave it and apply as a model. My artist told me I should give body painting a go… this was 18 months ago and I have never looked back! I love it, I get to meet wonderful people and I have even had the chance to paint at Horror Cons, tattoo conventions and next year I hope to do Comic Cons.. a Comic Con or 5 is on my 2018 list of public paints!


What are your favorite types of painting projects to create?

Any thing geeky! I take inspiration from computer games both consoles, PC and MMO’s. We are a family of gamers so there are many different platforms being played with a range of gaming tastes. From WH total war to mincraft. I like to take a character and customize it slightly, either zombifying it or adding a comic book style.


What mediums do you use when you paint?

Body paints. Both brush and sponge. I use PartyXplosion and Superstar cake paints as well as body paint liquids such as Senjo air brush paint… I love using glitter- it has to be cosmetic grade and ideally bio degradable. If I can find a way to add glitter I will!!!

What are your favorite comic/gaming characters?

Oh wow… were to start. I have a love for Elves..World of Warcraft is my soft spot ( am i allowed to say this on a WH interveiw? Lol)
I have recently done a Demon Hunter body paint and a gaige paint from Borderlands.  I want to do another WH Eldar paint. Jessika my model was just perfect for this character.


Any interesting upcoming projects?

I have a snow queen paint planned but with a twist, Eldar paint next year, another Warcraft paint and a couple of group fantasy themes. I like to push myself, there are so many complex characters out there i want to try to recreate.


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  • Luciferiel

    Pasties and undies aside, nice.

  • Damistar

    Not bad, but some mixing of media would produce a better result I think. I mean things like a flip belt prop and gems. Also something needs to be done with the feet, like stockings or boots. For just body paint though it’s rather well done however and the artist is quite talented.

    • You can definitely tell I in we this echo question that she has just started learning, but I like her use of color.

      • Damistar

        If you’re going to use paint, perhaps flourescents and photograph in UV light? The dathedi suits used by the harlequins are really light projections and it could look cool or sinister.

        • I LOVE that idea. I might have to try that myself!!!

    • AEZ

      Yeah nice body paint.. but for a better cosplay suit.. she should make a ,… suit 😀

  • Defenestratus

    So many firearm safety violations in those photos… thank goodness it appears to only be an airsoft MP5 and not an actual Shuriken pistol 😛

    • D. B.

      Yeahhh… The Katana also doesn’t really cut it IMO. Body paint and posture are fantastic and atmospheric, but to take this to the next level, she’d need better props.

      • AEZ

        Yeah.. like a MASK…

  • Vepr

    Just missing the pointy ears…

  • Ve Ly Pè

    It took me almost until the last question to realize, that the interviewed person is not the model on the pics…Am I an idiot? 😛

  • cm023

    Hardly a fantastic cosplay, rather boring and lazy. Now eat me alive.

    • Nyyppä

      Bodypaint is nice, but harlies wear spandex and 80s metal props

  • YetAnotherFacelessMan