Grymkin Mad Caps, Twilight Sisters & Death Knell

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We continue our series and take a look at the support units and the battle engine for Grymkin today!

We already looked out the upfront heavy hitters in the Dread Rots, Piggybacks, and a few others.  Today we are going behind the front line and checking up on what supports the Grymkin back line.  The weapon team Mad Caps, the support unit in the Twilight Sisters, and the Armor aura granting Death Knell.


Mad Caps:

  If you are looking for a cheap way to get more models on the board consider the Mad Caps. Instead of shooting you can pump out d3 cask imps.  It is dangerous though because when it dies it blows a big chunk around it.  It also has a weird defensive aura effect.  When model within 3″ is hit it gets pushed in a random direction and can’t be knocked down aka stumbling around Borka.  The gun is useful in a pickle with RNG 6 POW12 fire and they start farther up the board with advance deploy. The Mad Caps will run you 4 points and you are FA:2

Twilight Sisters:


This unit is a support magic character unit.  It can heal, do damage , and even bring back dead grymkin.  This can be really powerful with Piggybacks as they are a real pain to kill!  The healing is useful as well when you don’t want to activate your warlock before activating a wounded beast. This 2 model unit is 7 points.  The Death Rattle is great on a unit of weapon masters.  Usually, a weapon master is reliably at killing one of its own.  They also can stop healing with their melee weapons if something like doomshaper3 is running around.

Death Knell:

The Death Knell is a support battle engine.  It doesn’t really do damage like most other factions big engines.  However, this does come at a nice discount of only 13 points.  It provides a changing size Aura of Armor similar to the Krielstone.  It also can collect corpses and hand them out to models that can make better uses of it.  A loaded up Skin and Moans or a shieldwalled unit of Piggybacks will be a tough nut to crack with the aura of the Death Knell supporting it!! The Death Knell also has a 5″ aura that stops tough and healing so be sure to run it up in the middle of Habringers army to stop the martyring.

~What do you think of the Grymkin back line troops.  Please share in the comments below!


  • Richard Mitchell

    For most builds, Death Kneel is an auto include in 50-75 point games. The faction is very much about corpse generation, and the Death Kneel allows you to generate corpse tokens from your casualities and allows you to dictate the pace the game rather than letting your opponent do it for you. Of course #NotAll.