40K: Astra Militarum Regiment Tactics – Valhalla

Enjoy burying your opponent under waves and waves of dudes? Think Stalingrad is a source of good tactics? You want to play Valhallans!

Hey boys and girls, BigVik here with the next article in my series of looks at list builds for the new Astra Militarum codex. Today we’ll be looking at Valhalla!

Valhallan armies often use a tide of bodies to protect the waves of tanks coming which do the actual work for the army. With proper support, a line of tanks kept behind a tide of bodies can keep shooting for two more turns than would otherwise be possible, ensuring whatever needs killing gets it.

Now let’s dive into the army!

Sample Valhallan List

Spearhead Detachment (Valhallan, +1 CP, Leman Russes gain ObSec)

  • Tank Commander w/ Punisher cannon, 3 heavy bolters
  • 3x Leman Russ w/ Punisher cannon, 3 heavy bolters

Supreme Command Detachment (Valhallan, +1 CP)

  • 3x HQ- Primaris Psyker
  • Lord of War- Shadowsword w/ full turrets

Battalion Detachment (Valhallan, +3 CP, Troops gain ObSec)

  • HQ- Lord Commissar
  • HQ- Company Commander
  • 3x ELITE- Commissar
  • TROOPS- 24 Conscripts
  • 5x TROOPS- 20 Conscripts

Using the List

What the list does: This list is a blunt object. It has a Shadowsword for anti-tank, Leman Russes for anti-infantry, Primaris Psykers for support and mortal wound application, and conscripts with commissars to keep everything else alive (Note: even with the change to the Commissar rule, Valhalla is very good at running Conscripts+Commissar as they take half casualties from morale losses)! This list will try to sit on an entire side of the board and make you bleed for every inch you take, trying to either table you or keep you off the Guard player’s objectives at all costs, ensuring a mission point win at the end of the round

What Relics to take: You can take the Valhallan pistol to give you an “old school” commissar, though Kurov’s Aquila, and the out-flank dagger are always a good buy. The reason you might take the pistol is to have 5 commissars, this means that you can have either one large brick with overlapping circles of discipline, or you can make 2 blobs in deployment to force your opponent to split their efforts between 2 bricks of bubble wrap surrounding lots of tanks.

What its Strengths are: This list can spread out and grab objectives, and it can kill a lot stuff. Your opponent got a lotta infantry, all good, they got a knight or two? STILL all good, not to mention the shear number of models you need to get through to get to those tanks, and the shear ruggedness of those tanks with the Valhallan Regimental traits ensures that just about until those tanks blow up, they’re still at tip top efficiency.

What its Weaknesses are: If you can peel an arbitrary number of conscripts off of those tanks, then you can box them in, and round them up in a couple rounds. Now with 124 conscripts, it may take a couple turns, and you’ll be getting the full 50 dice treatment 4x a turn, not to mention the doomsday laser hooked onto the Shadowsword ensuring any center piece models go away very quickly, but remember Line of Sight is a thing, on a good table, you might very well be able to force the Shadowsword into a compromising position where you can get to it, or deny a critical target to it for a turn or two. With how expensive that dang model is, making it waste volcano cannon shots, can be a counter play in and of it self!

~Well that’s all I’ve got for today, tune back in next time when we continue looking at the Regiments of Renown of Astra Militarum!



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  • YetAnotherFacelessMan

    That’s a great list. It’s also basically the list that people say the commissar nerf killed. It’s the strangest thing. 😉

    • Nameless

      The community over reacts to everything, Commissars will still do a good job keeping conscripts around due to granting them leadership 8.

      Having said that, if the commissar simply granted leadership 8/9 they would be stronger than having their re-roll abilities.

    • generalchaos34

      I’d replace the gaggle of conscripts with regular infantry myself actually, a few plasma guns floating around and overlapping leadership works pretty good, plus those orders are far more effective!

      • generalchaos34

        and now I have the Theme song for Red Alert 3 blaring while I finish painting my first run of Valhallans “in Imperial Valhalla, leaders kill you!”

  • dave long island


  • RoyTheGreat

    The community over reacts to everything, Commissars will still do a good job keeping conscripts around due to granting them leadership 8.Having said that, if the commissar simply granted leadership 8/9 they would be stronger than having their re-roll abilities.

  • Chad Underdonk

    Conscript fixation is dumb from both ends.

    They are only effective at standing around and catching bullets. For the points you’re better off with actual infantry squads.

    That list has no guts. It is see saw list and cannot survive with either half destroyed. 5 tanks and a bunch of sub-standard dudes with flashlights is going to be plowed under by an army that is prepared for horde-hammer. Lots of anti-infantry mixed with “deep strike” to engage the tanks in hand to hand will leave you with only the HQ and the Shadowsword firing effectively while the other 3 russ’s are relegated to defensive fire after they pull out of combat every round.

    • Fredddy

      This. You should never have such a clear division between the damage dealer and the damage absorber parts of the army- it kills the flexibility and simplifies the task of the opponent: he can not kill your tanks by assaulting straight ahead, but thats basically the only trick you have with this army.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Behold! the mighty Valhallan Astra Militarum Army………with exactly 4 units that could be classed as having actual trained Valhallan Guardsman’s……YAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWN!

  • Chad Underdonk

    Behold an all infantry Horde-Hammer Valhallan army at under 2,000 pts. Resiliency, flexibility, diversity, firepower,

    4 Captains w/ Hand Flamers (Lieutenant Models)
    1 Captain w/ Bolter
    1 Captain w/ Kurov’s.

    4 Command Squads w/ 4 Grenade Launchers
    2 Command Squads w/ 3 Grenade Launchers and Regimental Standard
    4 Special Weapons Squads w/ 3 Flamers
    4 Special Weapons Squads w/ 3 Melta Guns

    4 Infantry Squads w/ Heavy Bolter, Melta Gun, and Bolt Pistol
    4 Infantry Squads w/ Missile Launcher, Flamer, and Hand Flamer

    4 Heavy Weapon Squads w/ 3 Mortars
    2 Heavy Weapon Squads w/ 3 Lascannons
    1 Heavy Weapon Squad w/ 3 Autocannons

    200 dudes, 97 weapons better than flashlights.

    • generalchaos34

      hand flamers, how did you get those?

      Also I wish grenade launchers were better but you are still better off using plasma for the points. (other than thats how they are modeled, which I understand, thats why I bought a saw to “plasmacise” a few of my grenade launchers, as well as picking up some sweet sweet Anvil Industries Valhallan models)

      • Chad Underdonk

        Well since my metal minis are sculpted with them I claim artistic license and to be grandfathered by the Perry Brothers.

        The hand flamer rules are in Index 2 under the Ministorium. They are pistols, range 8″, d3 Shots (after the errata), and auto-hit for 6 points each. Considering the points are based on BS4 (not that it should matter with auto-hit) and it is only a point cheaper than a full blown flamer I think it is totally fair and haven’t had an opponent yet who would rather I had plasma pistols for a point cheaper! (Of course that might be the “Don’t piss off the wookie” effect since I’m a shop-owner!)

        I totally love my grenade launchers. Str6 wounds almost as well as Str7. -1 isn’t as good as -3, but D3 wounds is better than 1 (or 2 with a chance to fry the model). I also have the option to fire frag which actually kills a lot of models just on number of wounds applied. And considering my Grenade Launchers are all on BS4 command squads it would cost me another 154 points to go with Plasma rifles. Well, all that, and the fact that Guard gets a gun that pretty much no one else gets means I should flaunt it baby!

  • chris harrison

    Love the list, but I would rather use the Vostroyan miniatures. Big beards and even bigger fur hats.

    • generalchaos34


      • chris harrison

        The power of the giant fur hat cannot be resisted.

        • generalchaos34

          you bring shame upon the warriors of Valhalla, Ushankas and Pilotkas for all!