FW: Horus Heresy Rulebook Delayed

Sorry Heresy Fans, it looks like you’re going to have to wait a bit longer before your Rulebook is available from Forge World.

Games Workshop has announced on Warhammer Community that the new Horus Heresy: Age of Darkness Rulebook has been delayed. Guess the Imperial Quality Control was not pleased with the results from the print shop…

via Warhammer Community

We know that you were expecting to be able to pre-order the Horus Heresy Age of Darkness Rulebook, but we’re afraid you’ll have to wait a little longer before you can order your copy.

As your constant companion in your Legion’s battles in the 31st Millennium, it’s important that the Horus Heresy rulebook is as good as it can possibly be. Following a print quality check, the decision has been made to delay the rulebook in order to make sure it meets the exacting standards you expect from all Forge World products.

Folks will have to speculate as to why the book was delayed but it simply sounds like the initial run didn’t pass their quality check for whatever reason. Personally, I’d much rather wait another week to ensure the book I received was what I actually paid for and not missing a section or two. It would be really awkward to get a copy of the book and have pages missing, especially if these were kind of important – like the USR section or something.

There are lots of things that could have gone wrong from issues with the binding, the color being off, the font getting smudged, typos, to anything else you can think of – publishing a book is a challenge. Thankfully, whatever the issue was, they caught it before the error was replicated in mass production for all the fans to find.

As a consolidation, Games Workshop has at least given us all a cool wall paper to have while we wait. You can download it HERE. I guess we’ll have to wait until next week…maybe?


Well that’s a bummer – but we’ve been waiting this long…What do you think? Would you have rather gotten a “problem” copy sooner or are okay with the delay for a “perfect” copy?

  • SilentPony

    Since when does GW care about the quality of their products?! I saw those Nurgle dice break day-1 from falling off a table!

    • Xodis

      Its Forgeworld, when has their quality ever been less than pristine?

      • BrianDavion

        the 8th edition Indexes come to mind

        • Xodis

          I thought those were high caliber, I think the 8e ruleset is the problem.

          • John Burns

            fw index zenos was soooo bad. error after error

          • zeno666

            Hmm? ^_-

          • BrianDavion

            they had a massive amount of errors in them. this wasn’t a “good product with crap rules” it’s pretty clear to me FW rushed the Indexes out the door and didn’t have time to do any play testing, hell any EDITING

          • Will Frank

            Well, they were giving two weeks to get the rules out – after all, before Forgeworld can start working on the rules for their stuff, they have to wait to buy a copy of the new edition like everyone else… You didn’t think GW let them see an advanced copy or anything, did you?

          • BrianDavion

            Never said there wasn’t a reason for the Rush, someone simply asked when forge world had ever released a inferior product.

        • dante13

          They were terrible all damaged here as well.

      • carlisimo

        FW sends out a lot of replacement parts due to irrecoverable mold slippage or other casting issues, and the last Horus Heresy book (Inferno) had a fair number of typos, unclear rules, and balance issues.

        I doubt this is related – probably just bad binding – but they’ve been acting like a company that doesn’t have the time or breathing room to get the little things right.

        • Xodis

          Hmm, I guess I have just been lucky then. Hope its just a fluke.

      • dante13

        When they sent me their indexes, took a month and turned up bent and torn…

        • Xodis

          Damn that sucks…..notice how the only complaints are recent ones though. Something must be up.

  • Chris Hateley

    Did anyone else get that email from FW titled “The rule book you’ve been waiting for”?

    I think you’ll find, Forgeworld, that the rulebook I’ve been waiting for is the Blackfire Pass one I saw at Gamesday in 2012. Along with the Chaos Dwarf K’daai Destroyer and Fimir character models I also saw, that I assume have now been scrapped in favour of producing nothing but Space Marines for the rest of your days.

    So yeah; I’m a little unsympathetic that Space Marine players have to wait a little while longer for their millionth book.

    • Ah yes. Chicago Games Day 2012. Blackfire pass. I was so excited for that.

      • ZeeLobby

        It was super cool.

      • Chris Hateley

        Me too. Orcs are my main army and I couldn’t wait to see what new stuff they’d get from Forgeworld. So much for that.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      An unfortunate case of not quiet profitable enough to justify production. I would also suspect that it would have been around that time that the future plans for WFBs ending and reboot, in the form of AoS, may have been presented and explained to the FW managers that needed to know. Further tipping the scales in any decision to put new products into production.

      However, when Toni Cotterell was on WH-Tv this week the question was ask about what is happening with FW and AoS. He said it will getting very exciting into 2018 as he had just hired a new AoS project manager to head up a dedicated team to focus on AoS products (like they have for Specialist, LotR and 40k/HH). He said there are already a few ideas bouncing around the FW studio for projects to develop – including using a bunch of kits shown at events, but never released!

      • Chris Hateley

        That sounds good, but sadly I don’t play AoS. Quite simply I just don’t like the setting. The Warhammer world is one I grew up with and have enjoyed for 23 years, and any future releases aren’t going to have rules compatible with what I play. They could’ve just pushed out whatever stuff they already had made and then made the move to Space Mari- sorry, AoS.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Good for them, now point in releasing a product that is below their standards. It is nice that FW being honest and are keeping the community informed and not left hanging. FW could have easily still chosen to start taking orders and peoples money; only to announce a delayed the shipping date a little while later. An option that I feel would be a worse customer experience.

  • frankelee

    Forgot to double the price. Somebody is getting fired.

    • Will Frank

      And the Oxford comma. That’s heresy…

  • Brandon Prouty

    did no one else notice they referred
    to the dreadnought as a monster lol! no more armor values or facings maybe ?!

    • Brian Griffith

      It’s compatible with all existing red and black books.

      Ergo, the rules for dreads won’t change.

  • Harry_Jamieson

    Obviously the same quality control wasn’t performed on the Ad Mech codex when they copied the same day 1 dunecrawler wound error from the Index.

  • dante13

    Who cares to be honest.. The day they add Forgeworld and Games workshop together will be the day i buy forgeworld kits..

    Way overpriced resin that comes warped and ruined, prices and shipping to Australia is akin to buying gold bullion.. Honestly no thanks..

    And add in that no one allows these things to be playable..