Warhammer Quest Gets Adversarial

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New foes coming to Warhammer Quest–check out these Chaos Adversaries and add some extra evil to your games!

Warhammer Quest is a game of heroic high adventure set in the Mortal Realms. Players take control of one or more heroes and set out in search of glory, god and gold and the Virginia company. Or at the very least for two out of four of those. Featuring both the fabled city of Hammerhal and the Silver Tower, Warhammer Quest has adventures galore, and now they’re about to get a little deadlier–just announced today from GW, new Chaos Adversaries. Check them out.

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Warhammer Quest is about to get even better. Whether you’ve conquered the Silver Tower countless times or you’re a mere tourist in Hammerhal, you’ll want to check out the new Chaos Adversaries cards, available to pre-order next week.

The Chaos Adversaries cards are great for both existing Warhammer Quest players and Warhammer Age of Sigmarplayers looking for more ways to use their models. You’ll be able to add 41 new adversaries to your games, from terrifying Tzaangor Skyfires to packs of chittering Nurglings.

There’s great potential for those Game Masters who like designing their own campaigns, too, particularly when combined with the extra heroes from the Warhammer Quest App; perhaps you could write a campaign where a coven of Chaos Sorcerers attempt to bring down the citadel of a wizard-hating Deathbringer, or a mighty warband of orruksattempt to raid a vicious nest of skaven for a particularly valuable artefact (or maybe they just fancied smashing up some rats with their mates).

The Chaos Adversary cards are available next week to pre-order, while both Silver Tower and Shadows over Hammerhal are available right now online and in your local store – get your copy today, and get ready for hours of adventure in the Mortal Realms.

Side effects of Chaos Adversaries may include: heartburn, nausea, Mercurial Temper, second head growth, gutmouth, nurgle’s rot, warp spleen, ruptured space/time, and mild euphoria.

  • Mathew G. Smith

    Was there a time skip I missed in this setting? I thought Hammerhal was just beginning construction. How fabled could it be?

    • dave long island

      Well, yknow, it’s ‘fabled-ish’… lol

    • EnTyme

      There was a time jump after the summer campaign last year. Now there are several established cities like those shown in the recent Firestorm campaign. Here’s a link to a short anthology if you’re interested:


      • Mathew G. Smith

        Thank you.

    • Yeah, Shadows over Hammerhal was set in a prospering, sprawling Hammerhal, it’s probably the most developed of the free cities so far

    • The Basement Gamer

      I’m really not trying to beat that dead horse, but the one thing that bothers me most about the lore migration from Old World to AoS is just how unearned it seems. I know things do not need to progress in real-time (although the Horus Heresy series almost feels like it at this point) but the fact that they have these ancient citadels and these sprawling communities just seems like cheating. I can’t bring myself to care that so-and-so tribe has finally been overcome by Chaos…to me it feels like, “so what”, they’ve only been around for a couple of years, why should I care?

      • Slaanesh Devotee

        I’ve had that exact same problem. It’s been difficult to bring myself to care about these people and places.
        I just figure that perhaps in ten years, I might care more(??). We’ll see, I suppose~

      • Mathew G. Smith

        The wierd part is that they went so far out of their way to establish that there weren’t any strongholds of Order left outside Sigmar’s realm when it first came out. Then all of a sudden there are whole cities.

  • dave long island

    I don’t think Nurglings ‘chitter’… I think theyre generally too flemy to chitter… lol

    • euansmith

      I image that they gurgle.

      • Sonic tooth


    • Slaanesh Devotee

      That’s what I thought. The word chitter doesn’t befit nurglings. Maybe gibber would have been acceptable.

      • dave long island

        Ya gibber works for them. It’s like that old Monty Python skit about words being ‘tinny’. Chitter is like that. Nurglings shouldn’t be saying any ‘tinny’ words.. lol https://youtu.be/-gwXJsWHupg

  • Aaditya Rangan


  • Rainthezangoose

    Also worth noting in the back of the WD there is mention of a “WarhammerQuest Adventure” in next months issue. Wonder what thats going to be about.

    • Slaanesh Devotee

      I can’t see that. Where abouts is it?

      • I_am_Alpharius

        My money would be on an additional set of ‘WD Exclusive’ scenarios. Last December there were a bunch of ‘Exclusive’ mission/rules etc… for various boxed games. Shall not surprise me if the WD has something similar this December too.

        • Rainthezangoose

          That would be great. It’s purely wishlisting but what I’d love to see is an undead box, maybe one new hero and some undead adversaries. Sprinkle in some new tiles and a fresh campaign. Franky with the undead warband for shadespire looking so beautiful it be an insult if we don’t see something along these lines in 2018 for WQ, with new sculpts as well!!

      • Rainthezangoose
  • marxlives

    Wow. I am not impressed with AoS the wargame but I got to admit, Warhammer Quest is going to be the HeroQuest for a new generation of gamers out there. I hope they enjoy it, lord knows I did.

    • I really can’t stand the AoS fluff and the aesthetics are still icky in a lot of places. But damn me, those boxed games are hitting it out of the park in terms of contents, price and general appeal.

      I’ll probably be ordering Shadespire with the extra factions in the coming week, and Warhammer Quest just needs a nudge at this point.

      By which I mean Lizardmen.
      Give me Lizardmen.

  • I’m preordering these for sure, warhammer quest is the game I play most frequently ever since 8th soured me on 40k