What Codex Blood Angels & Dark Angels Will Tell Us

The two upcoming codexes from GW will answer one of the last unknown questions of 8th Edition – exactly how mono-chapter Astartes codexes will be handled.

We’ve already gotten our hands on Codex space Marines and it is a monster.  But, it has to be, covering well over 900 marine chapters and traits for all of them – even before you shoehorn in all the Primaris units.

But Blood Angels and Dark Angels will answer some questions we haven’t seen before.

Exactly how will the Primaris marines be handedl and integrated into an existing mono-chapter codex.

We’re had two mono chapter-legion codexes so far, but both of them aren’t an exact fit.

  • Grey Knights are very divergent and have no Primaris marines, so that isn’t a good comparison.
  • Death Guard are a mono-legion codex, but it’s Chaos so any apples to apples comparisons goes out the window.

New Codex Questions

What I’m really wanting answers for are:

  • Will all the Primaris units make their way into the Blood Angels and Dark Angels books?
  • Will the Primaris get fully use of the special chapter rules and what cool combos could be had there?
  • Will the codexes offer chapter traits, either for individual companies (Think Clan Raukaan, or Sentinels or Terra), or perhaps for the handful of successor chapters?  I think it would be REALLY cool to give chapters like the Flesh Tearers or the Angels of Absolution something cool to give them tabletop flavor. Heck, some of these successor chapter already have characters with rules like Gabriel Seth, so I say go all the way GW!
  • What “New Units” will the chapters see?  The cheap and easy way out would be to just add the Primaris marines from the Space Marine Codex.  The much more flavorful option would be to mesh Primaris marines with the chapter lore. So for example, a Primaris Sanguinary Priest, or a Deathwing Primaris unit in Gravis armor could be very cool.

We don’t know exactly when these codexes will arrive, or if they will be separate, or together. But in any case, I think these books will give us a good template for Space Wolves. I can hardly wait!

~How do you think GW will handle the new Blood Angels and Dark Angels codexes?


  • Dooms Day

    Well we already know that all primaris units will be going to the other chapters, the only one that isn’t is the Apothecary who isn’t going to the space wolves..

    I do think we will be getting new Primaris for the chapters. Maybe some deathwing Aggressors or maybe some primaris raven wing. Even if its not full kits and just upgrade sprues to convert a unit to something else.

    I personally wanna see bjorn in the form of a redemptor dreadnought.

    • petrow84

      I hardly think there will be new DA miniatures – save for The Lion, of course. We’re pretty OK in general, but of course, new Ezekiel/Azrael/Asmodai sculpts instead of the current 23 yo ones would be great.
      Lore wise, Primaris in the 1st and 2nd company would be a bit off. They’d surely not spend enough time in the chapter to be worthy for initiation to the chapter’s secrets.

      • Marco Brigo

        Asmodai does have a new sculpt already. It’s what?
        3-4 years old? https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Dark-Angels-Asmodai

        • petrow84

          True, that’s a new one.

      • Kociamber

        Current Deathwing/Ravenwing members can be just upgraded to Primaris so it wouln’t be off lore wise 🙂

      • Dooms Day

        Well they already are. Primaris libarian are deathwing. Also older marines can be turned into primaris

        • petrow84

          I mean, new ones beside the ones you’ve seen in C:SM.
          I was not aware that older ones can be upgraded to Prims, thanks for the hint.

          • Brother Eldrian

            Current lore states that some of the Primaris Marines date back to the Heresy. I don’t see how that goes with the Dark Angels lore. Too many secrets that such old Brethren would know.

      • James Regan

        100 years might be, if a) they did well b) DA have been suffering heavy casualties from the great rift. The oldest marines for most chapters only get to around 200-300, so 121ish+ (primaris entering at the same practical age as post training marines) might be old enough for deathwing, even if the inner circle is probably out of reach for another century after the exact current time line.
        Then again, if they’re planning to add another 30 or 40 years of advancement through campaign books in the next year or two (taking into account travel times in 40k), i can see them putting the rules out now, then just saying ‘look, we’ve rules for these so we don’t have to release them in a years time, just wait until after the next few campaign books’.

      • breckdog

        There is a conversion process for space marine that are already veterans to become primaris. That means we could see primaris versions of named characters as well as entire chapters of primaris marines from the founding chapters on down. I believe something like 94 percent of chapters accepted primaris marines to some degree.

    • Marcet

      From what I gather you really don’t want to see that…Redemptor dreads burn out their occupants rather quickly.

    • Spade McTrowel

      I could totally see Gravis armor being an an added option in the Deathwing. Mostly as an option to the company to include agressors and primaris captians in bone white G-armor, but I could see wierd datafax options using existing models (I just don’t expect them).

  • Griffin

    Do you guys not even read the community page…. You’ll find Stratagems, Warlord Traits and updated lore, as well rules for including the arsenal of the Primaris Marines in your Blood Angels and Dark Angels armies. FFS

    • Atogrim

      LoL. Beat me to it.

    • MarcoT

      I think most of the article was not about IF primaris marines will be added, but HOW.

      • eMtoN

        “Will all the Primaris units make their way into the Blood Angels and Dark Angels books?”

        Literally his first bullet point question.

        • MarcoT

          I can read. It says ALL.
          “Including the arsenal of the Primaris Marines” leaves plenty of room to make this a valid question.

  • Mike Forrey

    As a dedicated DA player i just assume nothing new. It would fit with their goal to get all codex out before really giving new units to long standing armies. In all honestly it’s a good plan to just get everyone’s books out before you start adding to existing content that still isn’t balanced to an acceptable level yet.

    • Sybarite

      Except they will want to sell miniatures too. They cant sell minis with all the codexes they release because of the pace, but some will surely get some.

    • Sybarite

      Balance was never more important than selling new cool models for gw anyway

      • BrianDavion

        apparently that has changed

  • EwanPorteous

    More wise I would be surprised to see Deathwatch Primaris units. I would imagine they would be treated with suspicion by the Dark Angels hierachy and therefore not allowed into any of the circles of truth…

    • Iconoc1ast

      unless those members of the deathwing/ravenwing got the primaris retrofit…
      plus a couple of centuries have passed since the primaris were created.

      • euansmith

        But even then, could they trust Cawl not to have included some sneaky spyware in the Primaris Up-grade? Some genetic trigger that makes them secretly enslaved to his plans?

        • EwanPorteous

          Agreed :). The unforgiven don’t trust members of their own chapters with their secret. I can’t imagine they would trust a force of untested Imperial troops who were “gifted” to them. It will be interesting to see what their relationship is luke with the Primaris Dark Angel successor chapter the Blades of Vengeance.

          • euansmith

            Apparently the new technology can take existing Marines and give them a genetic up-grade to Primaris; so the Dark Angels could up grade their inner circle to Super Size Marines. However, I think it would be cool if their trust issues prevented this.

          • Fergie0044

            It would have made for a fun story to see some chapters staunchly refuse the new marines – but that doesn’t sell models does it?

          • euansmith

            Indeed, the need to sell minis can have a sad, deadening effect on the fluff.

          • Dennis J. Pechavar

            Agreed. The whole reason the DAs would refuse the Primaris that already exist would be that they aren’t chosen by them. Also the fact that they were trained by Ultramarine tactics and not DAs would also be a thing. Sure they have the DAs geneseed but everything else is out of the control of a highly controlled and secretive Legion…Chapter. Why would they trust this offer?

    • ZeeLobby

      Nope. They’ll be all up in there. Every facet. Rammed down your throat :D.

  • Michael Cameron

    I want Deathwing Gravis Marines. I already have converted mine to Deathwing. Spent the release weekend of the new set cutting the molded shoulder pads off and putting Dark Angel shoulder pads on them. Plus DA helmets, banner topper, and a few other bits and pieces for conversions. Looks sweet. Just need a Codex to run them properly.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Hmmmm…let me think where would find out such knowledge….I just don’t know…..
    Oh well……

    So that would be: Yes, Maybe, No, No*

    The only “new” kits* I would imagine we will see is a upgrade frame for the Primaris Marines, like the one produced for the Ultramarines – heck maybe we’ll get a surprise and other Chapters in Codex Space Marines will also be gifted a similar frame at the same time.

    *(For both) – Yes I know, Dark Angels and/or Blood Angels could be seeing their respective Primarchs return; but, I am talking about generalities here.

    • EnTyme

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see the DA character from the Triumvirate box given a solo release as well.

    • pokemastercube .

      on the primarch side, it isnt like there isnt a way to ressurect the dead now is there….. 😉

      • Not when their souls have been devoured by the dark gods about 10,000 years ago, no. If the whole Ynnari resurrection schtick was so simple, we’d be seeing the Eldar civilization growing exponentially. It worked on Guilliman because he technically wasn’t dead to begin with.

        Ferrus Manus and Sanguinius should never be brought back. Neither should Konrad Curze. All their deaths served a purpose in the overall lore and would be cheapened by resurrection, but they also all properly died. Ferrus was torn to shreds and his skull flensed down and served to let Horus play Hamlet and Sanguinius embraced his sacrifice to save the Emperor and defeat Horus. His death left ripples for ten thousand years – heck, it transcends time itself.

        • stinkoman

          But the Sangiunor…. it’s got to be him!

          • The Sanguinor’s origin is already known. Yes, he is of significance, but no, he’s not Sanguinius undercover.

  • Jack

    Would just like Lion

  • Corelin

    I just realized we don’t have a single Special Character that happens to be a primaris. How long do you think geedubs takes to fix that?

    • I_am_Alpharius

      I’d imagine some point after all the Codex’s are done and the background is progressed forwards. The lore is already in place to allow ‘normal’ Marines to be ‘enhanced’ further to the same status as Primaris Marines. I can see that being started with various existing named characters. I mean, what better way for a Chapter to show its belief in the Primaris Marines than their leaders getting buffed up.

      • Mike Weber

        NO. Stop spreading misinformation. There is no fluff ANYWHERE saying that normal marines can be upgraded. That was some fanboy wishlisting that somehow took on a life of it’s own. It’s not in the Codex, not in the Novels, not in any official GW product anywhere.

        • I_am_Alpharius

          YES THEY CAN – It was not some “fanboy’s wishlisting”

          Way back, around when 8th was being launched GW did a live Q+A WH-Tv twitch stream with Phil Kelly talking about who and what Primaris Marines were and how they are going to fit into the narrative and Space Marine model range – mainly saying as often as possible that Primaris Marines “would not” be replacing Space Marines (well at least for now IMO). However, one question asked point blank was “What does this mean for iconic special characters, can regular Space Marine be upgraded to Primaris levels? (sic)”. To which Phil Kelly – you know the architect of the current 40K narrative and one of the team that developed the background for Primaris Marines – very stridently replied YES!.

  • Dalinair

    Since they probably wont resurect sanguinius, I think they should make the sanguinor into what he would have been and use him as some kind of spirit/clone type unit and just hugely beef him up. Either that or beef up mephiston again like he was in 5th.

    They need something to compete with the others once they all have their primarchs

    • LankTank

      I was discussing this the other day. The remnants of Sanguinius rage at what is befalling his children powering the Sanguinor to even new levels of zzip zzzip chop choppiness. The Sanguinor Emergent or something.

  • nope none

    Arn’t the Blood Angels on the verge of being wiped out? That’s a pretty good excuse to be rebuilt with Primaris marines. All the remaining BA get the black rage and can be the next wave of Death Company. Also segues into how you Rebirth Sanguinius. Due to so many BA deaths, enough psychic energy is released and you get the opposite effect of how the black rage began. The Sanguinor merges merges with some BA character soaked in the blood of thousands of BA marines and through Yvraine trickery and some help from Cawl, Sanguinus 2.0 is reborn with new super armor and fancy angel wings.
    Triumvirate of Blood – Sanguinus, New Dante, New Mephiston

    • BA got rescued just in time by Guilliman and got their Primaris drop. I’m curious how the Devastation of Baal novel will address the whole Primaris thing in general, as the rulebook didn’t tell us nearly enough on it.
      The Blood Angels had been nearly wiped out before, but this time they’ll have to make use of Primaris to stay relevant, so they will.

      Sanguinius, though? Keep him the hell away. He’s dead and should never return. Beef up the Sanguinor if people get desperate for a big toy, but never turn him into Sanguinius incarnate. A reborn Angel with his memories intact would cheapen his sacrifice significantly. Heck, he used to be the only Primarch to die in the Heresy aside from Ferrus, and to Horus himself no less. His soul has been gone for 10,000 years, and nothing Yvraine does should be able to return it. Heck, if the Ynnari could do that stuff, there’d be a massive rebirth of Eldar across the galaxy. Whatever soul there was of Sanguinius in the warp after his death has long since been devoured. Guilliman was a whole different case entirely, because he was in stasis and not dead yet.

      • frank

        I would like to see the Sanguinor buffed up and elaborate on his connections to Sanguinius. bet the other living primarchs would have some interesting thoughts on a spiritual being that speaks for the fallen primarch.

        • He already did that during the Imperium Secundus arc where he was first chosen. The Lion threw a bit of a fit over it.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    I am hoping we get Gravis Deathwing. I am hoping we can get some kind of Bike Primaris as well.

    And a melee Redeptor Dread.

    And Death Company Primaris Marines (come on, Cawl can’t totally get rid of the Black Rage).

  • Orblivion

    I’m still hoping for there to be a close combat focused Primaris unit revealed for BA.

    • Primaris Death Company, please.

      • Orblivion

        I’d say make a Primaris Assault Squad equivalent first, but I certainly wouldn’t mind a Primaris Death Company kit.

        • Gotta be honest, I’m mostly interested in seeing the Primaris confirmed as still flawed and prone to the same stuff as the regular Astartes. Death Company is just the easiest way outside of, well, Wulfen.

          • Orblivion

            Fair enough, but the fact that we’re getting a Blood Angels codex at all pretty much confirms it for me. Without the Red Thirst or Black Rage, there is very little to differentiate BA from Space Marines.

          • frank

            I was wondering this same thing like I would like to see BAs get Death Company primaris but would be somewhat funny fluff wise if right off the bat the flaws of their chapter shine through.

  • Wes

    I’m hoping for more options for Primaris characters for BA, especially the ability to add jump packs. But I kind of doubt we’ll see it, without the models to back it up. I’m just stoked for stratagems and relics, and an expanded psychic power list. Wings of Sanguinius needs to come back!


  • Gamecock13

    Still absurd subfactions are getting their codexes before full armies. And this is coming from someone with a BA army.

    …I digress…

  • Gunther Clone C

    It will also tell us how amazing the Space Wolves codex will be! 😀