2017 Best Plastic Miniature Winner


The Judges have debated and the verdict is in – come check out our pick for the Best Plastic Miniature of 2017!

Last week we listed off our top picks of the year. This week we’re going through our picks and selecting one to be the BoLS Pick of the Year! The fields were tough as lots of really impressive products came out this year – but, just like the Highlander, there can only be one! So let’s do this.

The Finalists




WitchWood Grymkin Solo – Warmachine – Privateer Press

The Witchwood made our list because of it’s combination of creepy and sweet. Thematically, it was really cool and definitely added to the ‘evil farie tale’ vibe of the faction.


Arkanaut IroncladAge of Sigmar – Games Workshop

The entire Kharadron Overlords faction was an awesome release from GW. But perhaps most importantly were the Airships that they brought to the table. All of these kits are extremely well done but the Arkanaut Ironclad was the biggest and best of the lot. We loved this kit!



Phantom IIStar Wars: X-Wing – Fantasy Flight Games

When it comes to mass produced plastic miniatures, Fantasy Flight Games has a target locks on quality and pre-paints. The Phantom II might not of been the “Craziest” ship design, but the fact that it come pre-painted to this standard is impressive. The paneling, the line work, the colors and the SIZE of the “free-hand” icon on the side is why this ship deserves to be on our list.



GoryoMalifaux – Wyrd

Wyrd continues to impress with their own brand of creepy and crazy plastics. Goryo is on our list because of the fluid nature of this kit. “Spirits” are flying out of this warrior and the posing is really impressive. This is an excellent kit and we’re happy to include it on our list.


The Winner

Daemon Primarch Mortarion – Warhammer 40,000 – Games Workshop

Mortarion is an amazing kit. It’s large, plastic and incredibly detailed. But at the same time the kit has different build options for the weapons and hands – very impressive design. Aside from that, it’s a kit that is also impressive from a technical and production standpoint. Mortarion’s kit is striking and more technically ambitious that Magnus the Red was. The model is gracefully floating on his flowing robes and GW has used the physical characteristic of plastic to do interesting details such as the plague-cherubs pulling the primarch’s chains upward – something almost impossible to do in metal or resin without the bits breaking constantly.

The editors here at BoLS were completely blown away by last year’s Magnus the Red, but Mortarion’s kit has exceeded it in every metric. I don’t know what tricks GW has up their sleeve, but any future Fulgrim model has quite a hill to climb.


Well there you have it – 2017 has had some pretty impressive kits over the year but Mortarion is our pick for the Best Plastic Kit of 2017! We can’t wait to see what the industry brings us next year.

  • BrassWitch

    I’m sorry, but that tree thing is uglier than watching your mother die of cramps.

    • Phil Turner

      Yep, cannot understand why people think warmachine stuff is very good. Not too mention you rarely see any of their models painted, due to the game being “competitive”.

      • Mark Swabey

        Load of poppycock

      • BrassWitch

        Some of their models are very good, at least to me. But I do find their range incredibly inconsistent. SPECIALLY with the Grymkin releases.

        • marxlives

          I don’t know what you mean by inconsistent. I mean that is like saying I find Tau Eldar, and Imp Guard inconsistent. They are just different factions/nations with variances in there technological focus. Grymkin are going to be inconsistent because they are WMH versions of demons from Dante’s inferno. That is like saying demons in 40/AoS suck because they are not consistent. Well they are demons and each one represents a specific sin.

          • BrassWitch

            I understand how different factions work, friend. I mean I find it inconsistent “quality-wise” (Quality being subjective here) Some of their models are stunning, while some others look like something a kid from 1980 would model out of silly putty. Now about the Grymkin, you can look at all the Skorne models and tell they’re from a single faction with very few exceptions. The same is true for Retribution, Menoth, hell even the Minion models look like they would belong to a single faction since they all share a lot of design ques. However, when I look at the Grymkin models, I can’t, for the life of me, find a single theme that would represent them all other than being “creepy” and sometimes not even that. Again, this is all my opinion and you are completely free to not share it or agree with it.

          • Apocryphus

            The parallel of Grymkin to Chaos daemons is quite accurate here. The Grymkin are not a united nation marching to war under a single banner, they are a collection of fey creatures and manifested nightmares coming together to sow chaos and destruction. Chaos daemons are about as unified in their theme. If a player brings a daemon army with a smattering of everything, it looks about as coherent in theme as Grymkin. It’s 100% intentional that the army is a mish mash, as like you said, all the other factions have a unifying theme. If that’s not your aesthetic, that’s fine, but that’s just why Grymkin look so hodgepodge.

          • BrassWitch

            That’s fair. It make more sense when you explain it like that, I still do find the quality of their models widely variable for my taste, though.

          • Apocryphus

            Speaking as a person who very much is a PP fan, you are on point about their inconsistent quality. I own 20 Dread Rots and they are the most disappointing models I’ve ever bought quality wise across every game system I play.

          • marxlives

            They are unified under Grimm’s fairy tales (Grymkin or Grimm-kin) themes outlined by the Iron Kingdoms RPG released when the d20 system was a thing and Dante’s Inferno. Each Grymkin is a soul that has been twisted by one of the Defiers so that their bodies are reflective of their sin (such as the piggybacks are forced to carry carnivorous pigs on their backs so they can feel how their own greed burdened their fellows) or made to punish others.

            For example the tree is created from the souls of people who were hung as witches (whether this was true or not and the fear of sorcery has been part of IK lore for a very long time). The souls of these witches are shaped to lure in the proponents of frontier justice to hanging trees through their desire to be hung by the tree, just as their desire to hurt someone lured them to the hanging trees to harm another.

            Rather than pulling from the demonic aesthetic of era when Dante’s Inferno was written the aesthetic is pulled from fairy tales and fused with Dante’s Inferno.

            That isn’t subjective that is just truth.

            Now, if you just don’t like the sculpt that is fine, different strokes, but that is an opinion and state it so.

            Both PP and GW have various qualities in their sculpts. This is why I say FAS is a serious problem in the 40th millenium…unless you are in power armor. GWs power armor sculpts are really, really solid. IF we were going to say who had the best sculpts, obviously Infinity, Malifaux, and Dark Age are the top of the list, unless we feel compelled to kid ourselves.

      • Coltcabunny

        Male bovine excrement. I see unpainted 40k stuff than WMH stuff in my area. My anecdotal evidence trumps yours because I said so.

      • Apocryphus

        And I rarely see unpainted models due to events in my area giving incentives for fully painted armies. Also, WMH models definitely have a certain look to them that not everyone likes, I personally like it and don’t get why people hate them so much, so…there you go, different strokes for different folks.

        • marxlives

          I agree, I like how WMH does humans since that are not affected by FAS nearly as bad as humans in 40k but each range has excellent miniatures that some people like and others don’t.

          I used to play 40k and when I pop in warmachine articles, I rarely see a mention of 40k by warmachine players until a 40k player feels like popping in their 2 cents for a game they have never played. On the other hand when I pop into the 40k forums I don’t see any warmachine players popping in to trash 40k.

          The issue with 8th is the same issue with 7th. The biggest problem with GW is the player community. Not everyone but there are a lot of players in that community who really feel that you not playing their game is a personal attack.

          Heck last Saturday I went to play Undercity and on top the shop employee not telling me my order came in WHEN I had already paid for it he also spent the entire time I was there telling me about how he wishes PP would fail, get bought by GW and the IP never be allowed to be republished. And he does this with X-Wing, Infinity, Malifaux anything not GW. Same thing goes with the random hard cores who pop into the middle of games to tell me why they hate my game when I am in the middle of playing. Only happens with GW players, never Magic, or X-Wing, or anyone else.

          • Apocryphus

            Yuck, what gets me about your story is that it mirrors my experiences with 40k players, and that’s upsetting. A while back there was a brick and mortar GW store in my local mall and I played there everyday after work, since I worked in the mall. After the mall kicked them out a friend of mine opened his own shop nearby and I started a WMH community. The manager of the GW store would bring his old employees in on the scheduled WMH night, take up several tables and harrass the WMH players all night. I have a lot more stories, but I don’t think I need to elaborate.

            What gets me is PP and GW don’t even have similar games or settings, so the idea that PP is even a direct competitor to GW is ridiculous, and often times 40k players will find any excuse to accuse PP of ripping off another company in their model designs. They offer a different game to a different group of people who in my experience don’t even like GW games to begin with, so it’s not like they’re stealing customers. To each their own I say, and if a GW fanboy is running around denouncing PP as loudly as they tend to do, there’s likely a deeper reason to the behavior.

          • marxlives

            True, honestly, I don’t really care what people play at the game store I just like seeing people play. Sometimes I like to just coast by the people and see if a game I don’t play strikes my interest. I don’t understand the PP vitriol from some GW players either. Especially since I know a lot of people who 40k AND WHM.
            Saying that 40k is competing against WMH is like saying WMH is competing against Flames of War. Obviously each is catering to a specific sort of consumer demand. I don’t look at WMH and think “That is my go to sci-fi game”. In fact when many in the community were clamoring for PP to develop a sci-fi tabletop wargame they didn’t and stated that 1) they couldn’t handle supporting two lines that compete against each other or 2) the market for that genre is really full.
            So they created an X-Files board game because that is Matt Wilson’s jam.

            I don’t understand the personal feelings people have for games they don’t play but I could understand more people who play AoS dogging WHM rather than the 40k community.

      • Matthew Pomeroy

        I have the same feeling about GW’s models, so its a subjective thing really.

      • Nosebleed

        I now rarely see GW minis painted and the game is quite “competitive” in my area.

        In hindsight, Warmachine has an upsurge of painted minis, probably due to a painting requirement set in a local upcoming tourney.

        If you want consistent painted narrative gameplays with painted minis, check out Beyond the Gates of Antares!

        • Matthew Pomeroy

          with most of the leagues, WM/H tends to be painted, I have seen GoA and it looks pretty cool, but with Confrontation returning, staying on that one 😀

      • Bootneck

        If its “Competitive” how are the models unpainted?

        Not allowed to use any unfinished models in all the comps in my area.

      • marxlives

        Well being that their Iron Gauntlet tournament actually has a painting requirement. I can say that I rarely see 40k armies painted and see more WMH armies painted even with the smaller player base.

    • Snord

      It’s not so much that it’s ugly – it’s that it’s just not a very good miniature. It looks crude and lumpy. And it’s not plastic, it’s resin.

      Mortarion isn’t to my taste; for some reason the model the model doesn’t hang together properly. But it’s an impressive design.

  • defensive

    Bad year for miniatures, huh?

  • Josh Felstead

    Morty’s only real competition was the Ironclad, and still blew it out the water

  • Bootneck

    How did that rubbish triangular box aka Phantom II get into the finals?

    Utter tripe.

    This is so bias – there is plenty of models supremely better than the top two.