D&D: What Classes Would The Avengers Play

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D&D Beyond sat down with Jim Zub, writer for the Avengers and D&D Comics about what class your favorite Marveloids would roll.

It’s the weekend, so it’s time to indulge in everyone’s favorite fandom-related activity–trying to figure out what things from one fandom would be if they engaged in another fandom. So to that end, we’ve got this video from D&D Beyond for you, where they sit down with Jim Zub, whose name you’ll recognize if you’ve read the Avengers, Thunderbolts, or the D&D Comics. So, this is someone who’s familiar with the characters and likely has some insights as to who’s going to play what.

Now, the video is linked below, so you can get your definitive answers–but, this is your opportunity to take your best guess, unbiased of what the rest of the world thinks. So, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, Cap, the Scarlet Witch–put up your best guesses now.

Alright, how’d you do? Not too bad–though I think that their pool of Avengers is much too truncated. Because there are a lot of Avengers, depending on when you look at the roster. So I’d like to encourage you all to give us your best guesses for the rest of the roster. I’ve included a few of the more popular ones below.

Iron Man – My best guess is Fighter

Squirrel Girl – Paladin

Cable – Fighter

Deadpool – Fighter/Rogue

Storm – Sorceress

Doctor Strange – Wizard

Namor the Sub Mariner – Druid. And a water based druid at that.

Captain Marvel – Either a Samurai Fighter (with crazy magic weapons) or a Zealot Barbarian (also with magic weapons/powers)

It gets harder as soon as you start mixing up characters who have the power to fly and do all kinds of other things. But–how’d we do?

Who’s your favorite Avenger? What class would they roll? For bonus points, what build would they take?

  • Spacefrisian

    Thor…Thundergod, Hulk Berzerker, Captain America boyscout…Howzat

    • Heinz Fiction

      Hulk wouldn’t roll a class, he would smash one…

  • Chris Hilliard

    Tony Stark would play a bard, and try to seduce everyone.

    Deadpool would play a cleric, and try to seduce everyone.

    Thor would play a fighter, and try to seduce Mjolnir. Nobody is sure if he’s awkwardly imitating the others, cleverly mocking thebehavior of the others, or acting out a fantasy nobody wants to be involved with.

    Wolverine plays a rogue who is out to help the poor and over throw tyrants. Mostly spends his time debating what kind of pizza to get.

    Steve is the DM being horrified by how eager his friends are to kill the villagers and take their stuff.

  • Drew_Da_Destroya

    I think Cable is more of a Ranger… an especially charismatic one. I might also consider Paladin for him.