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NeverQuest Episode 21: NeverQuest in the City (of Doors)

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Nov 28 2017

This week on NeverQuest, our adventures in Sigil, the City of Doors continues. Our heroes pull off a scheme and learn about fusion.

NeverQuest is BoLS’ own celebration of the fact that time is a flat circle. What has happened before will happen again. What you’ve done, you’ll do again and again. So since we’re bound by strange aeons to repeat our activities, locked in a cycle which we cannot perceive and are only dimly aware of, as the moth is dimly aware that the flickering lamplight that calls to it is not the warmth it seeks, but the doom towards which it is inevitably drawn–we’ve decided to doom ourselves to repeat the most fulfilling endeavor known to humanity: playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Each week, our team of non-Euclidean heroes toils bravely against the rise of a wan and eldritch moon, which heralds a time when the stars are right. Join them on their quest to pull off shenanigans in extraplanar cities while you can!

Come join us for adventures in PlaneScape–it’s one of my favorite settings. I’ve been excited to get to this part of the campaign. Trapped in Sigil, Harrowmont’s Heroes prepare to race for their chance to escape. Their plan is to enter into the Sigil Invitational, a massive city-wide race with the prize of a portal key or possibly spelljamming helm (among fortune and glory) and with it freedom. But in order to enter the race, first they’ll have to qualify.

But when Harrowmont’s Heroes cook up a plan, it almost never goes the way you’d think.

Or join us live every Monday at 5:30pm CST as we stream the campaign on Twitch. We’re always glad to have people in the audience. New to NeverQuest? Here’s a handy rundown for you:


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Our heroes are:

Barnabus Annabelle Goodfellow Hawthorne Merriweather Jr., etc. aka Bags. – A Goliath Wizard raised by Gnomes, currently a pit fighting champion known as ‘The Gravedigger.’ Voted best truck in its class by J.D. Power and Associates.

Ravener Scheppen – A Gnome Ranger (presumably also raised by gnomes) who has befriended a “flying squirrel” that is almost certainly a griffon.

Alamar Vel Crow – A Half-Elf Warlock who traded his soul in order to be really good at card tricks, currently possesses a magical artifact of immense power.

Peren Greycastle – A Half-Elf Bard who is a pacifist, but incredibly skilled at looking out for Peren Greycastle.


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Author: J.R. Zambrano
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