Geekery: First Look at ‘Alita – Battle Angel’

Gally goes live action, big eyes and all.

Gunnm was the brain child of Yukito Kishiro. It tells the story of Alita (or Gally), a cyborg rescued from a scrap heap by a cybermedic expert. It follows her journey as she re-discovers parts of her history, finds love, and fights a bunch of other cyborgs. The first OVA was released in 1993. It’s become a favorite over the years

The live action movie uses the main plot from the manga as its backbone, but it’s got a PG-13 rating. Not sure how they’re going to handle parts of the original plot.

The changes they’ve done to Rosa Salazar to make her look like the anime Alita are questionable. It’s a risky choice that may end up chasing potential audiences away because it looks too weird. They remind you that she’s not completely human, and this is based on manga. I guess? Eyes aside – she looks cartoony compared to her non-CG counterparts on screen in a way that just doesn’t mesh.

As with the other anime live action adaptation, that shall not be named, that came out this year: hard pass on this.

Alita: Battle Angel will be in theaters July 20th.

  • Gunther Clone C

    I feel I am the only one excited for this. As with most manga-based movies (animated, live action, or otherwise), it won’t be as good as the source material, but I still REALLY want to see it. I love the cyber-punk look.

    • Me

      You are NOT the only one… I am looking very much forward to this, as opposed that GItM thing they put out.

    • af

      I confess I never watched/read anything about Alita, so I’m not emotionally invested in this, though I can related because there’s other anime that I love (like Mamoru Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell, which was sadly butchered in the ScarJo movie).

      Anyway, the question is: WHY are you excited? If you loved the source material, you must understand a live action movie cannot be anything like it. It certainly cannot be better, either. Anime is the best medium for anime. The absolutely best they can aim for in this kind of adaptations is “not ruining the source material”, which let’s admit is a pretty unexciting goal.

      Also, Alita looks weird in that trailer. What’s with her eyes!?

    • Jory4001

      I been waiting for this since they said they wanted to make it just after Avatar came out.

  • Medic

    It’s an abomination.

  • JL

    Cyborg-man looks really good, yet the action sequences with Alita look scarcely better than a PS4 game.

    I hope fans get a movie they’ll enjoy but I don’t think this is going to win over enough general movie go’ers to put it over. I smell a bomb.

  • euansmith

    Golem: Battle Angel.

    I’ll give this a spin when it comes out.

  • Tijmen

    Cyborg-man looks really good, yet the action sequences with Alita look scarcely better than a PS4 game.I hope fans get a movie they’ll enjoy but I don’t think this is going to win over enough general movie go’ers to put it over. I smell a bomb.

    • That’s my main issue – the CG is not good.

      • Gunther Clone C

        I’m sure that’s deliberate. It loans the art style back to the source material (manga).

        • Apocryphus

          The problem with that is that it’s a real person made to look like a manga character. That’s just an art style and by no means a way to represent a realistic human. It would have been better to just CG the whole movie than to do….that. *points at Alita in trailer*

          • I actually think it looks perfect for what it is, something that manifestly isn’t human but looks a little too human

          • Apocryphus

            Fair enough then 😀

          • Koen Diepen Van

            Alita is not human. Maby that is the point

          • Apocryphus

            I know, and I think that make that pretty clear without the weird CG.

        • The choice to make her look the way she does is certainly based on the original art.

          My complaint is more with the fact that she doesn’t integrate with her live action counterparts and the environment around her. She looks like an animated character inserted into a live action movie, if that makes any sense. In the same way this doesn’t work…

  • Jared Swenson

    I actually am looking forward to this. I never watched the original
    anime, but I knew of it. The VHS or whatever just never made it around
    to my circle, and later on when It was more accessible I never looked
    into it. And I never got into the manga either. But I do know james
    cameron has been lobbying for this to be made for decades, and I actually
    like what the trailer shows, including the eyes of Alita. It’s an
    interesting detail that reminds the audience she isn’t human. I hope
    they keep that, rather than listening to the bantering. I will be giving
    this film a chance and see it before I render final judgement of course

  • Joshua Boyle

    It should just be the Motorball story, imo. Which was the best part of a very good manga. This looks to be based on the anime, which was already a watered down version of the manga.

    • Gunther Clone C

      Ooooooh, I hope not. 🙁

  • timon meijer

    You are NOT the only one… I am looking very much forward to this, as opposed that GItM thing they put out.

  • Apocryphus

    The way they CG’d her to look like the anime but still realistic is extremely off putting to me. It flies far too close to the Uncanny Valley for comfort and unfortunately I don’t think I’d be able to enjoy the movie because of it.

    • That’s the part I like about it, haha

    • Koen Diepen Van

      I think it is on purpose. She is not human after all.

      • Apocryphus

        She’s not human, but her appearance in the manga is not what it is because she’s not human, it’s because that’s the art style of the artist. It would be like if they did a Captain America movie and CG’d him to look like this:

        • euansmith

          Too soon, dude, it will always be too soon 😉

          • Apocryphus

            Too soon for Rob Liefield? I agree, always too soon for him.

            Hail Hydra. 😉

          • euansmith

            The massive thighs with a million tiny pouches! Agh!

            Having said that, Rob, himself, is apparently quite a nice guy.

  • I never got into the original, but Robert Rodriguez does great action movies, and Christoph Waltz and Mahershala Ali are both fantastic actors, so I’ll definitely wind up seeing this one in theaters

  • J Mad

    Man its been years since i’ve seen the anime, will watch for sure.

  • Hollywood never ceases to make me weep for anime adaptations.

  • Commissar

    Looks absolutely terrible. However, I suppose I’m at that stage where I realize and am okay with the fact that, like One Direction, Fidget Spinners, and Bronies, I’m not the target audience.

    • euansmith

      Now you tell me, after I spent all that money on a One Direction, Bronie Fidget Spinner for you for Christmas!

      • af

        There’s only one kind of Spinner I accept, and it ain’t for fidgeting and it certainly doesn’t fly the skies of 2049. You may find it in 2019, though!

    • af

      The hard truth I’ve come to understand is that I’m not the target audience for ANY of the trash remakes they’re making these days. And by “these days” I mean the last decade or two. The very idea of remaking/rebooting the hell out of everything is puzzling to me. Oh, hello, Spidey. Hello, Kong! I see you’ve brought your good pal the Mummy.

  • Diagoras

    Oh, no… Why did you have to drag Christoph Waltz into this train wreck?

  • Crablezworth

    bug eyes.. pass

    • euansmith


  • dinodoc

    Smeagol’s daughter started an acting career