40K Deep Thought: Give Khorne Blessings Already

Khorne doesn’t need your pesky Psychic Powers…but it would sure be nice!

We’ve been messing around with the Chaos Daemons Codex all week on our Twitch Channel and after yesterday’s game, we started talking about how Khorne’s a good army, but it’s single-minded focus on martial combat is good but it’s very one dimensional. The Skull Cannons did get a bump is firepower, but that’s the only unit in the army with any real long range. Couple that with the fact that Khorne skips the the Psychic Phase entirely and, well, you’ve got an army that really just moves and fights.

That needs to change.

“I’d like to axe you, What EXACTLY are you getting at….”

Whoa – calm down there Bloodthirster, I’d never go full heretical and say that Khorne should get psychic powers. Or that the army needs some dedicated fire-support. The book has some options for that already. No, what I’m saying is that Khorne in 40k needs to get the benefit of Blessings like their AoS counter-parts. Yeah, 40k could learn a thing from AoS!

“Do you even Bless, Bro?!”

The Blessings that Khorne uses in AoS are basically extra powers that units can grant to other units. Sometimes these are generic unit buffs/debuffs/unit manipulation. Other times they are direct damage. Below is the Slaughterpriest who has Blood Boil and Blood Bind:

Both of these “Blessings” are perfect examples of the types of things Khorne needs to have access to because they DON’T have direct access to psychic powers. These powers could be triggered in the shooting phase or the psychic phase – but that should be determined for each power. They aren’t going to win you the game by themselves, but they can setup a pivotal charge or do some damage to an enemy unit at range. Both things that Khorne is really lacking.

The Bloodsecrator has another pair of powers that would be amazing for Khorne armies in 40k. With some minor tweaks, both of these would fit right in on the 40k Tabletop. Rage of Khorne would be a particularly welcome addition!

Now, before folks start saying “Nah, keep the AoS rules in AoS!” I’d like to point out similar abilities already exist. Have you met Epidemius?

Why is it that Nurgle gets a bonus for what is basically a Kill Tally, and Khorne, who is all about taking skulls, DOESN’T have one? GW, replace “Nurgle” with “Khorne” and “Pestilence” with “Skulls” and BOOM. Oh and I guess Disgustingly Resilient would become something else…But my point still stands!

“Blessing MEEEEE!!”

And before anyone says “Can’t you just ally in a CSM Psyker?” Yes. Yes you can.


What do you think? Does a lack of Psychic Powers and a ranged fire power warrant Khorne Blessings? Let us know in the comments below!

  • vlad78


    • marxlives

      I thought the graphic at the end was pretty cool too. It was a solid article.

  • Rasheed Jones

    Why not just remove khorne, they share a niche of close combat darmons with slaanesh AND slaanesh has psychic powers. Yep, remove him like the certain people want to remove the Eldar and Slaanesh /s

  • Amon-Alex69

    Heard about Skullreapers ?

  • thelichenking

    I personally want to see a healthy nurgle model. The fact they are all tough, slow, undead buggers is pretty lame.

    • marxlives

      Like a Richard Simmons Greater Daemon of Nurgle? Or a Bob Ross Greater Daemon of Slannesh? What about a Mr. Rogers Greater Daemon of Tzeencht or Captain Kangaroo Greater Daemon of Khorne? That sounds….wait that sounds pretty cool!

      • Rasheed Jones

        Slaaneshi bob ross…well we don’t have a Skarbrand/Kairos/Rotigus equivalent for Slaanesh…I was hoping for Heartslayer with the corrupted Avatar of Khaine…but this is probably better.

  • piglette

    I’ve never understood why Khorne doesn’t have psychic powers. It’s kind of silly. Are psychic powers not just channeling warp energy? Summoning Khorne Daemons is a form of psychic power.

    I always thought it would be neat if Khorne had some kind of blood magic discipline, where you gain a buff but also suffer a loss eg +2s but -1W. They would be temporary buffs that are risky to use improperly, sort of like Goliath’s stim packs in Necromunda.

    • Apocryphus

      Summoning is generally a ritual, especially in the current edition, considering a character can’t move if they summon (I assume the ritual takes up their time). Khorne wants death dealt by the hands of warriors, he is a martial god. The use of psychic powers is disgusting to him because it is kinda like cheating in a martial sense. Warriors fight and train with weapons in hand and take the fight to the enemy, using superior combat skills to slaughter the foe, while psykers display little to no martial prowess and rely on a coward’s tool to fight (in Khorne’s eyes).

      • piglette

        I know the fluff rationale, but I think it’s a bit trite.

        • Apocryphus

          Oh, well, in that case, yes, it is trite, but so is Khorne. 😉

        • Bootneck

          There is plenty of cultures in history who favoured more honourable and “glorious” melee combat vs advances in guns and bows etc.

          • nicklinc

            Rest In Peace to those mofos tho.

  • AkulaK

    And do you have to scream “blood for the blood god” right in your opponent face since it’s from AoS ? 😉

    • Mathew G. Smith

      You aren’t actually required to yell Waaagh! when using that ability for Orks either, but everybody does it anyway.

  • AekoldHelbrass

    In good old days of Warhammer FB, with thematic Khorne army I used to field a single sorcerer with Infernal Puppet artifact, and never used any psychic powers. I used the model of Dark Emissary for that, which are ok with Khorne. And the idea was that yes as Khorne follower I do not have any psychics, but you will pay dearly for your magic too!
    I would really appreciate if Khorne armies in 40k had something like that, not just better deny the witch roll, but something that increases the chance of perils or makes perils much worse.

  • Jukka Vuorisalo

    Ah the age of 3,5 EDs where you could just have brass collar and ignore all magics…

  • Marco Marantz

    I blame shoddy GW design. There needs to be either generic or khorne specific daemon engines a’la EPIC – im thinking something like the death dealer that could carry 5 stands (25 troops). Slaanesh have marginally better mobility but Khorne struggles to get into combat without blowing all your CPs on deepstrike. Its a mess.

    • Stephen Henry IV

      Khorne’s the only Chaos God with a large Daemon engine like Epic, the Lord of Skulls, not counting Forgeworld.

      • Rasheed Jones

        Don’t forget the brass scorpions. Actually I don’t think Slaanesh or Tzeentch even have unique daemon engines, and I think nurgle only has the plague hulk, and I don’t remember if that’s still in the index or not. Granted, Slaanesh has a unique Dreadnaught/helbrute.

  • aargh00

    Bring back the Blood Tithe, make it less about summoning new units and more about effecting your units on the board and there you have it. Still don’t understand how Ynnari got to keep their stupid special rules in 8th and Daemonkin didn’t.

    • Slite

      Blood Tithe was very fun

  • Mathew G. Smith

    At least make Collars more available.

  • Sniddy

    Tau – the shooting phase only army – agree it would be nice yo use the psychic phase

    You can use blessings we can use technogizmos and the necrons could even join in with dark science