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40K: The Deepstriking Garden of Nurgle

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Jan 9 2018


The Plague Gardens of Nurgle are up to all sorts of naughty tricks in the new Chaos Daemons Codex.

We’ve been checking out the Chaos Daemons Codex on our Twitch channel this week and we’ve been studying up on what the new daemons will be able to do. We talked about some of the shenanigans you can pull off with Denizens of the Warp already but we think our very own Matt Sall stumbled across one more.


The key thing about this ability is that it can work on Daemon units. We’ve already pointed out that there are quite a few units outside the book that this ability could apply to. But there was one in the book we glossed over:



The Feculant Gnarlmaw is a new Fortification unit. We were trying to figure out if this ability applies to it – and from what we can tell, because Fortifications are deployed like any other unit, this totally works. Why would you want to “deepstrike” these trees closer to the enemy? Cause they kinda rock for Nurgle Players:

Keyword: Daemon

A “unit” of 3 would clock in at 7 Power Level, too – which fits nicely under the restriction. That means when you “deepstrike” this unit, it only costs you 1 CP, and that is TOTALLY worth it. When this “unit” comes down, each tree has to be placed within 6″ of each other and 9″ away from the enemy. That’s still a large footprint on the tabletop and it’s abilities will totally pay off for Nurgle units in a big way – being able to charge after Falling Back or Advancing? YES PLEASE!

Incoming FAQ or Working As Intended?

Get ready for the Deepstriking Gnarlmaw Gardens – these trees bite back! 


Author: Adam Harrison
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