AoS: Malign Portents “Rise of the Shadow Queen”

We finally get a better idea of who freaked-out Elias…Say hello to the Shadow Queen!

After the last video had us wondering who had spotted the “spy” Elias, Games Workshop has a new video. Turns out his tormentor has quite a history that is being teased in the latest video from GW:

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The Shadow Queen

For years, she has planned her revenge. The time is nigh…

Posted by Warhammer TV on Tuesday, January 23, 2018

“They call me ‘Shadow Queen’ the one true voice of a dead god…”

Oh my.

Watch the video. It’s actually got some really cool visuals that seems to blend a mix of Greek Pottery and Warhammer visuals in a really cool way. Like these Screen-Caps below:

This “Shadow Queen” was apparently a demi-goddess who was “devoured” by but slithered from the Dark Prince’s throat. This queen helped to bring civilization to the mortal realms and “stood first against the corruption of chaos.”

We’ve got some obvious signs and signals to Slaanesh here. But there is more…

We’ve got the Witch Cult of Khaine featured predominately in this next section. But I have a feeling there is more to it than this…

She’s been feeding on offerings of “Blood and Shadow” and sounds like she’s ready to claim her place in the pantheon…and she doesn’t sound happy about anyone denying here any more!

Again, watch the video!

So before we get too far down the rabbit hole, the seems like an interesting blend of Old World Elf Pantheon and AoS Realm Gate lore. Seeing how AoS is built from the ashes of the Old World (quite literally in some lore cases) it’s not too far of a stretch to see how this is connected. But let’s talk about the Elf Pantheon from the Old World first:

Old World Elf Pantheon

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Cadai, Cytharai and the Pantheonic Mandala

The Elven Gods are separated into two groups. The first are the Cadai, who rule the heavens. The Cadai tend to represent productive and fundamental aspects of Elven society such as crafting and smithing, motherhood, farming or hunting. The Cadai are openly worshipped and revered by the High Elves and by the Wood Elves, with large temples and shrines as well as clergy and devotees who publicly profess their faith. The High Elves seem to revere Asuryan, The Creator most highly, while the Wood Elves assign equally high reverence to Kurnous, the Hunter and Isha, The Mother. The Dark Elves seem to mostly ignore the Cadai.

The second group are the Cytharai who rule Mirai (the elven underworld). The High Elves and Wood Elves attempt to appease some of the Cytharai, whilst shunning others. In Ulthuan, small shrines exist and some individuals worship Cytharai privately (depending on the diety in question, this ranges from frowned upon to totally outlawed). However, no formal priesthoods openly worship the underworld gods in Ulthuan or Athel Loren. On the other hand, the Dark Elves openly and proudly worship the Cytharai, primarily Khaine, the Bloody-Handed God.

Mathlann is worshipped by elf mariners from all societies, and Morai-Heg the Crone occupies a unique position between the Cadai and Cytharai.

According to Elven legend, some of these deities are said to walk the mortal world, although sources differ about which ones. Although certainly Ariel and Orion are the living avatars of Isha and Kurnous respectively.

The deities of the Elves are represented by a circular rune pattern called the Pantheonic Mandala. The rune of the most important deity is placed in the center, while the others spiral outwards in order of decreasing importance. Naturally as the various kindreds of Elves use different script, and disagree on the importance of various deities, the Pantheonic Mandala is different for each nation.

Elven Afterlife, Mirai and Rhana Dandra

Mirai, the Elven underworld, sometimes called the Black Pit, is a dark realm ruled by Ereth Khial the Pale Queen. The door to Mirai (referred to as the Last Door) is guarded by Nethu, who prevents wayward souls from escaping and the living from entering and stealing the secrets of the dead. It is here that Ereth Khial amasses her slave army made from the souls of dead Elves, preparing for Rhana Dhandra.

Rhana Dandra is the elven legend of apocalypse. It is then that all the Gods will have a final battle and Ereth Khial’s army made from the souls of dead Elves will be pitted against Asuryan creations, possibly eating all of the living. In addition the Elven Gods will finally battle the Chaos Gods for the fate of the world, be the outcome good or ill..

However most Elven souls do not find their way to Mirai. Since the Coming of Chaos, Slaanesh the Dark Prince has claimed the souls of the Elven race. Slaanesh desires Elven souls above any others, and will hungrily devour any he can find. Of all the dead Elves throughout history, by far the largest portion have had their souls consumed by ‘She Who Thirsts’, as the Elves refer to Slaanesh. The prospect of this horrible fate terrifies the Elves.

Okay, if you just skimmed over that section there is one name that I’m hoping jumped out at you: Ereth Khial the Pale Queen. She rules over the Elven Underworld aka Mirai, the Realm of Death. Hmm…Interesting, no?

We know that Nagash sits on the Throne of the Land of the Dead now. But if that place is some type of amalgamation of the Old World, it would make a lot of sense that Ereth Khial is still around in some form or another. The End Times alluded to a great many Elves getting Devoured by Slaanesh as well. So who know what GW has planned…

What we DO know is that the Shadow Queen is back…and she’s looking for some revenge!


What do you think of this mysterious Shadow Queen? Could it be Ereth Khial? Or maybe someone else?

  • EnTyme

    This just screams “Morathi’s return” to me.

    • Karru

      I had the exact same thought. I guess Morathi is going to be the big character for Elves.

      • EnTyme

        Works for me. I’m slowly working toward building mortal force for each Chaos god, and for some reason, I want the Slaanesh cult to be Dark Aelves. This would fit right in with that, even if officially is would be an Order army.

        • Karru

          I just started my Dark Elf army so I am actually pretty excited to see Elves make a return, since I also happened to notice that it has been quite difficult to get hands on any elven products these past few months outside GW.

      • dark-tadpole

        I think there will be different sub factions of Aelves and Morathi will lead one (looks like snake elf type shadowy things who like Khaine). Malerion will lead another faction and Tyrion/Teclis mix (I believe they combined into one person, I could be wrong with that) will lead the third.

      • Jared van Kell

        Actually I think it is Eldyra. She did become the Elven Goddess of Death during the End Times and considering that this is all about Death and Shyish, it would be appropriate for her to make her debut.

        • Koldan

          The symbol at the end ist the dark elf version of the symbol of khaine. And she is calling herself a demigoddess and the true voice of a dead god, not a death god(dess).
          It is not about death, for me it gives more a vibe of revenge and war.

          • Jared van Kell

            Well I did say that it is either Morathii or Eldyra. Obviously more of the evidence points towards it being Morathii.

    • Lando G

      I also agree, I’m feeling it’s morathi and the horn teaser might be on her head even.

    • Jesse Cavazos

      I’m surprised anyone would think anybody other than Morathi.

    • I was literally facepalming reading the article because it is quite obviously Morathi. Heck, she was devoured by Slaanesh during the End Times. I guess it all comes down to people, including posters of articles here, not actually following the lore anyway.

      • ragelion

        I have found a long time ago many people don’t even read the lore yet complain or talk like they know about it.

        • Social media is full of 40k memes, spammed by people who’ve never picked up a Codex or novel in the first place, yet regurgitate dank maymays like they’ve lived in the 41st Millennium all their lives…

          • ragelion

            Yup cause of that meme’s just annoy me now.

          • kloosterboer

            Bonus points for ” dank” and ” regurgitate”.

      • adamharry

        When I wrote the article I was looking at it from the Elf Pantheon stand point. But that’s also why I put a link to Morathi at the bottom of the post. (hint: it’s the Someone Else). People never read the entire article, and much like the lore, complain when “posters of articles here” don’t guess right.

        Yes. I knew about Morathi as I was writing about it. But since we don’t have confirmation that it IS Morathi, I thought I’d shed a light on parts of the lore that folks might not know about. Thanks for reading 🙂

        • Jared van Kell

          The Goddess formerly known as Princess Eldyra of Tiranoc.

        • Mathew G. Smith

          Not noticing a potholed link that’s the same color as the text around it and after your concluding paragraph to boot is kind of a stretch for not having “read the entire article.”

          • adamharry

            They aren’t the same color. One is red one is orange. All of the links are orange. Sorry if you didn’t catch it…it’s supposed to be subtle. But this is the internet and that doesn’t always work so well.

          • Mathew G. Smith

            I think you overshot “subtle” and hit “you have to know it’s there ahead of time”. Those shades bleed together.

          • Mathew G. Smith

            I originally uploaded a screenshot to show you how they bleed together so much you have to know it’s there in advance but the orange clearly stands out in the screenshot once it’s on Disqus. I think it might be just my browser settings.

        • Koldan

          The link to the article is the symbol of the dead god khaine and the article starts with a quote about a dead god. But the article goes on with the elven underworld so instead of being about the teaser movie and a “dead” god, the article is about a “death” goddess.

          I have nothing against reading something about the lore. But it was quite obviously shoehorned into this topic.

          A facepalm is the normal first reaction. Sorry to say, but i think alot of people reacted that way.

          • adamharry


      • Steven Hyche

        Eh, probably is Morathi but Hellebron matches as well.


    “Devoured by Dark Prince”, hmm this may be one of the biggest Slaanesh references in the storyline so far, and we seem have a dipiction of a war with Daemonettes and Dark Elves. A future Slaanesh and Aelf war on the horizon perhaps?

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      That’s been on the horizon for a while now 🙂

    • EnTyme

      But. But. Slaanesh is being squatted! The internet told me so!

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        The Internet was wrong. I mean Slaanesh has been in the fluff since day 1.

        • EnTyme

          Maybe I didn’t lay the sarcasm on hard enough? That was kind of the point.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            You did. I just am frustrated by the internet.

          • GWELLS

            Do not worry friend, you are not alone on that account. People can become a little certain on the internet without much information.

            I remember when those Primaris marines first leaked and everyone was “conviced” they were a fake kit-bash. Until about three days later. I feel we need to admit that speculation is only speculation until we get a true confirmation either way.

        • James Regan

          we lost malal, so there’s precedent for chaos gods going away. then again, that was a copyright issue, not a decision

          • Muninwing

            Malal was never one of the major forces… much like Zuvassin or Necoho. interesting ideas, but not quite as strong as the primal emotional forces that fuel the Four.

            i’ve never taken the “ZOMG SLaanesh is dead!” thing seriously, mostly because i don’t take anything that AoS is doing seriously (i’ll wait until its second edition cuts the heavy-handed and cheap stuff, until a decent setting and background can be created out of the ashes). rewriting Nurgle to justify fitting the GHR in is bad, but to have two that overlap and a giant hole where Slaanesh was would be a huge imbalance.

      • Jesse Cavazos

        I anticipate a BOLS article on whether or not Slaanaesh should be squatted any time now. Actually, all jokes aside, it’s been a while since they’ve made an article to that effect.

        • Apocryphus

          It’ll probably be about how Eldar should be squatted and because of that Slaanesh should go with them since he no longer serves a purpose once the Eldar disappear.

          • Muninwing

            then Spky Bits will claim it’s already in the works, and write a whole article about how this will change the game — mind blown!

        • GWELLS

          Well they are entitled too if they feel that horse needs to be kicked again. But I am firmly in the camp that Slaanesh firmly belongs in the setting.

          He/She brings an aspect to chaos that is essential to its character in its corrupting power but doesn’t involve disease. I feel it represents that a fall from grace doesn’t always happen because you like slaughter or you catch a cold, but that our own secret desires and disire for perfection and pride can lead us down to dawnation. Slaanesh is basically satan.

          And all things aside it keeps the Aelfs heavily invested in Chaos, rather than the story just devolving into humans and chaos, Aelfs have a stake with Chaos too.

        • Hagwert

          There was a period where Larry used to do lengthy “THINK OF THE CHILDREN ” type articles with regard to the fact he felt Slannesh should be squatted about once every couple of months on this site, but he seems to have gone quiet on that front for quite a while now….don’t know why.

          • Nathaniel Wright

            Probably got a stern talking to from the higher ups.

    • Jared van Kell

      Well Morathii did get consumed by Slaanesh alongside Caledor Dragontamer at the end of the Battle of the Isle of the Dead. In fact Slaanesh himself reached out from the Realm of Chaos, through what was left of the vortex, to personally seize them both and omnomnom the pair of them.

      • GWELLS

        Good point, and in fact Morathi was first discovered in the mortal realms in the realm of shadow. Shadow Queen? Discovered in realm of shadow with shadow daemons? I think the pieces are falling into place.

  • CameronB

    I just started my Dark Elf army so I am actually pretty excited to see Elves make a return, since I also happened to notice that it has been quite difficult to get hands on any elven products these past few months outside GW.

    • EnTyme

      Go home, Echobot. You’re drunk.

      • Luca Lacchini

        You managed to make the annoying replybot laughable instead of a nuisance.
        Hat’s off, sir.

      • marxlives

        Ya Echobot always drunk dials BoLS around this time of the day.

    • disqus_HUXMdKxsPG

      Quite a few of the rumor engines have been pointing toward dark elves

  • thereturnofsuppuppers

    Great video. Anyone know the voice actress? she did a really good job.

    • dave long island

      Ya she was great! The whole video had a ‘Game of Thrones’ vibe to it. I’d say get that actress chick a role on the next and final season of GoT! Stat!… lol

  • Laurence J Sinclair

    A lot of gorgons /medusae in those captures – hopefully they’ll be a big focus of this new faction! With harpies, gorgons, maenads and hydra, the old Druchii were always very nearly Greek anyway.

    • JPMcMillen

      Even if I hated every last thing about GW, if they did some amazing gorgon/medusa mini’s I would absolutely buy every last one of them.

  • DeliciousBishop

    The voice actress was pretty good

  • DrunkCorgi

    Perfect. I want the murder elves out of the overly glutted Order, into the cult of Death where they rightfully belong

    The fact that they can’t have high or wood elf allies proves they’re in the wrong place.

    This can’t happen fast enough 🙂

    • GWELLS

      I don’t know about that, the Dark Elf factions in order help balance out the knoblebright in comparison to some other Order factions. In addition it drives home the point that all Order is not universally pure or “honourable”. Brings some more shades of grey to the faction in that even light needs a little dark to win the war.

      • DrunkCorgi

        You’ve made an argument that Order as a concept benefits… but what about murderelf players?

        Order is bloated. Three elf factions, two dwarf, three human, each with multiple sub factions and sub-sub factions… there’s plenty of “grey” already baked into the individual factions of Order. Delves just get lost in all that.

        Even if Order benefits from “slumming” a bit, what’s in it for the murder elves? Their only ally is Sigmarines, and that just feels like an arbitrary, clumsy alliance with zero synergy. But adding Slaanesh demon or a necromancer into a DE army? Yes, please.

        • GWELLS

          Order is no more bloated than chaos is. And they don’t have to ally with Stormcast. They can go for free-people, Seraphon, Khardron etc… Being in order just gives them more options.

          And I am sorry but I just don’t see them working in death. Having an Elf faction in Death would undermine its death theme by adding a mortal race. Besides if you are talking about Khaine, Khaine is not just a god of the dead. The death faction would be better off expanding a current faction or adding a new undead army.

          Besides the Dark Elves follow Malerion and he is firmly with Sigmar, besides they probably would not agree to toadying to Nagash, it goes against their character. I think this trailer is just forshadowing a future Aelf war against chaos (specifically Slaanesh) and are using Malign Portents to introduce a new Dark Elf order army to take the fight to chaos.

    • dave long island

      Out of Order, yes. But into Death? Idk.

      • DrunkCorgi

        They worship the god if murder… it’s not a big leap. 🙂

        • dave long island

          Ya I hear ya, but idk, for some reason I don’t like it.

          • DrunkCorgi

            To be honest, I’ve been hoping for them to join death for a few years, so I am hopelessly, utterly biased. 🙂

            I always liked the idea of “good”, “neutral” and “evil” elves. I think banging them altogether in one box hurts them all, because they lose some of the personality that makes each faction unique.

            I like the sky-dwarves that GW created, and I think they’ll do a great job pushing the envelope with the delves too. I just want that evil, spiteful gleam back in their eyes. And mine. 😀

  • Txabi Etxebarrieta

    Is Rhana Dandra even still a thing considering that was old world lore and Chaos destroyed the old world?

    Not sure I feel this as Ereth Khial. The Shadow Queen is not yet a full goddess, but a demigoddess. Morathi makes sense. From what I’ve read of the fluff, she also escaped Slaanesh before Malerion stuck his finger down the Dark Prince’s throat. There’s also been some thematic elements which put elements of Death, like the Flesh Eater Courts, in the realm of Shadows.

    If Khorne has something of a rivalry in Sigmar and Nagash something of a rivalry with Nurgle (as Malign Portents is building up), Malerion makes a good rival to Slaanesh and Morathi is a good in-between for Nagash and Malerion.

  • PureMotive

    Voice actress would be pretty good in a metal band.

  • Bobby Limoggio

    I’m sorry all I got out of this video is that there is going to be a witch elf toga party someplace.

    • EnTyme

      Can’t decide if that’s a party I want to go to, or stay way the hell away from.

      • Bobby Limoggio

        If you have to ask, you can’t hang. I would have no business being anywhere near it. XD

  • Brutal. Witch elves are returning. My dark elf force in the display cabinets are pleased.

  • Kabal1te

    I am just glad me calling this voice as not Nefretta when the last video dropped wad correct, even if I was in the minority

  • Jared van Kell

    If I remember correctly in the End Times, Princess Eldyra of Tiranoc, Tyrion’s former loli squire, became the new Elven Goddess of Death, officially replacing Ereth Khial. So I am going to say she is not Morathii but is Eldyra.

  • Marco

    Long live Warhammer Fantasy and the Old World!

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      I hope you are a bot, otherwise would miss you 😀

  • frank

    Does this mean the bloodwrack medusa is like an avatar of a serpent goddess?

  • Nathaniel Wright

    Morathi or Dechala the Denied One, maybe?

  • James Regan

    I’m quite curious what happens with Nagash and some of the other afterlives- during the end times, it is clear that him stealing the wind of death so thoroughly led to him basically eating the other afterlives- while some maintain these dead death gods still form part of nagash, the lore reason for the tomb kings being squatted is that their invocations were based on prayer, and their prayers stopped being answered as soon as Nagash ate the gods responsible for answering them. So, weirdly, unlike bretonians, tomb kings weren’t wiped out when the old world was, they were wiped out 3 books beforehand in End Times:Nagash

  • James Regan

    The one I’m most curious about on the aelves side is what on earth they do with Tyrion, because he better not get redeemed. You don’t wipe out the old world entirely and then go back to saying Tyrion is the good guy- Malekith IS phoenix king of the High Elves this time, only the 2nd person to survive the flames of Asuryan unaided. Twice. He might still be incarnate of shadow, but I think they should probably continue the ‘well, high elf politicking real messed up in the old world’ plot line.

  • aidan sweet

    Well. If we’re getting some love for the daughters of khaine, I wonder if their main enemy will get some updates. Cause slaanesh has some catching up to do with her/his brothers in the mortal realms and the 41st millennium.