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Malign Portents: “I See You”

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Jan 11 2018

Looks like our new Spy friend Elias might be a little in over his bald head…

Warhammer TV dropped a new video today to give us all an update on Elias and the Malign Portents. Unfortunately for him, it sounds like someone is on to him…

Uh-oh. Any guesses on who that could be?



Also, the Malign Portents has a new story up as well. Go read Death at the Door HERE.


Check out the rest of the videos below:


“Malign Portents: Episode 1 – The Builder”


“Malign Portents: Episode 2 – The Conqueror”

“Malign Portents: Episode 3 – The Visionary”


“Malign Portents: Episode 4 – The Coward”


via Malign Portents

“The Valley”

Another cryptic and creepy video from Games Workshop. This time the focus is on a grave site and the and of it’s current resident is evilly bursting forth. Death is on the rise…

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“The Asylum”


“The Village”

“The Falling Star”

“The Icon”

“The Ship”

“The Field”



Elias is SOOOO screwed.


Author: Adam Harrison
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