Mynock Squadron: 6 Regionals Results this Past Weekend

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X-Wing Pilots: all wings report in! We’re covering the action from a ridiculously busy weekend of Regionals!

Welcome to the Mynock Podcast CI

Note: the image above charts the abusiveness of Trajectory Simulator/Genius Nym.

We’re back from vacation to bring you an entire slew of Regionals results. Australian Regional Champion Morgan Reid joins us to talk about his success with Kylo Rho Boats. Also, Rebel Fenn is popping up everywhere, Dee is a better Talonbane player than Farmer, and BISTAN wins a regional!

[00:03:30] Netherlands Regional
[00:18:37] Poland Regional
[00:38:00] Arizona Regional
[01:11:00] Australia Regional
[01:32:00] Chicago Regional
[01:43:00] Toronto Regional


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Ryan Farmer
Morgan Reid
Dee Yun


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