Shadespire: The Chosen Axes Coming Soon

The Fyreslayers are making their way to Shadespire on a quest for Ur-Gold – but have they bit off more than they can chew?

We got our first real looks at the new Fyreslayers Warband from GW earlier and we wanted to take a closer look at them.

via Warhammer Community

The Chosen Axes are Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire’s latest warband, bringing with them new fighters, new tactics to master and loads of new cards that every warband will be able to make use of. Fyreslayers may be slow, but they’re monstrously powerful in close combat – and Sigmar help you if you let them capture an objective. We’ll be looking at these guys in-depth nearer to their release, and even Warhammer Age of Sigmar players who don’t play Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire will be able to include them in their army with a pair of new warscrolls.

Now personally, I find something charming about these fiery bearded berzerkers. They are just so over the top that I can’t help but appreciate their brand of crazy. And now that they are invading Shadespire, I’ll have a better reason to pick-up a Fyreslayer warband.

From the video we can see that there are 4 new models for the Chosen Axes.

The model in the foreground is most-likely the leader of this band of Fyreslayers. He’s got a mighty looking axe and has a set of keys…maybe to his Ur-Gold loot chest?

Here we get a look at a member of the warband – he’s a wielding a pair of hand axes and has a sense of movement exaggerated by his pose (and flowing beard).

Here we get another group shot – you can see we’ve basically got 2 models with a two-handed axe and two models with a pair of hand/battle axes.

Here’s another look at the OTHER model with a single two-handed axe.

It’s going to be interesting to see where these Fyreslayers fit in the game of Shadespire. We’ve got the Sepulchral Guard on one end of the spectrum of bodies vs toughness and then we’ve got the Stormcasts on the complete other end. The Chosen Axes will have 4 models, so they will have the same number as the Orrucks, but I’m curious as to how they will be different from the Greenskins.

I’m also wondering what Cards and other tricks they will bring to the table. I’m expecting them to be highly aggressive. If they get better the more damage they take, that wouldn’t surprise me at all! They ARE crazy berzekers, after all!


Where do you think the Chosen Axes will fit in playstyle and strategy in Shadespire? Are you ready to rumble with the Berzerk Fyreslayers?

  • Marco

    Long live Warhammer Fantasy and the Old World!

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    I just gotta say, I love how angry AoS fans get when WHF fans bring up the old world and how angry WHF fans get whenever there’s a new release for AoS. I feel like Yakkity Sax needs to be playing everytime I open an AoS article on here.

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      I rather have to agree with you

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      Well, it’s not like reasonable fans of either franchise (or both) are going to be particularly vocal or memorable, by comparison.

  • DrunkCorgi

    Am I being racist when I point out they all look the same to me?

    • euansmith

      I guess so. If you said, “All Dwarfs look the same to me”, I guess that would be Speciesist.

      I just think that these guys are missing a coat of gloss varnish to look like baby oil.

      That, and they really need a flying unit with Hawkman wings.

      • Vesalius

        Great… now I’m going to imagine every dwarf/duardin sounds like Brian Blessed.

        • Matthew Pomeroy

          thats a good thing!!

        • euansmith

          Don’t forget that, off screen, Brian Blessed is one long scream of expletives; all delivered with gusto. Just imagine the hallowed halls of the Dwarf Kings ringing to an endless chorus of explosive epithets. No more songs of “Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold!”, instead an echoing chorus of “F**k! S**t! Balls! B*astard!”. Actually, I guess that would make it sound like any UK factory floor. 😉

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          “Mohawk-men” is a great name.

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    • frank

      Naw cuz their a cult all them look and dress alike their like the AOS equivalent of Hare-Krishna members.

  • Carey_Mahoney

    I like that. Especially how cool they designed the chief.

    • euansmith

      He is certainly a grumpy little bad-a$$. I like the almost Gaulish look to their helmets and faces. If the ever wore trousers, they would have to be stripy.

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        Ah, well, it’s time to let WHF lie then. I’m a fan of the Old World too, and don’t care for AoS, but the mantra is losing it’s meaning and making WHF fans look silly.

  • Hagwert

    GW have really upped their game with these as they are much better than the main line of this faction that they released. Think I might pick these up just to slap some paint on them.

  • frank

    I keep loving the models for this game, sad they couldn’t have included some of these minis in the starter set would have liked to see orcs and dwarves in the starter box.

  • JL

    Nope. Fyreslayers still don’t do it for me.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      they are an acquired taste to be honest, wasnt a fan at first, but the more i read the more i am starting to like em 😀

      • JL

        Fluff might be good, army & rules might be good, but I just dislike their models so much.

  • Gunther Clone C

    Those Skaven minis need some rivals to contend with upon release. 🙂 Go rat-things! Kill-kill the stunties!

  • Matthew Pomeroy

    Even though I have personally found the game itself to be….(…….) I do love the models in it for all the warbands so far, these will likely be making an appearance as well!

  • HeadHunter

    I don’t even own Shadespire, haven’t the time or money for another game… but I might just buy this warband anyhow.

  • Fredddy

    At which point did the dwarves decide to change chainmail and plate armour for the dress of a Moulin Rouge dancer?

    • euansmith

      Do you see any trolls or giants sauntering around Montmartre? Nope? That’s the Slayers doing their business between shows.

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