AoS: Morathi Reveals Her True Form

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Morathi, Queen of Shadows and her Daughters of Kaine spring forth in all their glory next week.

That’s right folks, Morathi is here. In all her dark resplendence. She is the Witch Queen of the Aelves, but that form hides the truth of her monstrous transformation–a winged, serpent queen…

via Warhammer Community

Here she is, standing proudly as a tactician and incredibly powerful magic-user, but, Morathi’s harrowing ordeals in the belly of Slaanesh have changed her.

Morathi is one of the most tenacious of the survivors of the world that was, saved not by the patronage of a god or ascension to godhood itself, but by sheer furious determination, crawling from the belly of Slaanesh and founding a new cult of Khaine in the Mortal Realms.

That’s right, Morathi transforms mid battle. You can decide to transform her, but the heat of battle might cause her to lose control and reveal herself unexpectedly:

Twisted by the depredations of Slaanesh, Morathi is gifted with horrifying physical might when transformed, shifting from a master mage and tactician into a deadly combatant in her own right. While you’ll start each game with Morathi in her form as an aelven queen, you can choose to transform her in any of your turns, while damaging her can cause her to lose control unexpectedly – much to your enemy’s misfortune.

Morathi’s kit comes with both models, and the complete rules for making the transformation, all of which will be previewed in the coming week. You’ll also get a look at the upcoming Daughters of Khaine, who have their battletome coming out right alongside Morathi.

Inside, you’ll find the history of the aelves in the Mortal Realms following the capture of Slaanesh, the story of Morathi’s escape and rise to power in the Realm of Shadow, and an in-depth look at how the cult of Khaine operates, hunting across the realms in search of blood to feed their murderous god – and the Shadow Queen herself…

There’s also a richly realised set of rules designed to bring the Daughters of Khaine to life tactically, offering new ways to build your army under the auspices of particular strongholds of the cults, new units like the Melusai and the Khinerai, allegiance abilities, spell lores and much more besides. You’ll find old standbys like the Witch Aelves subtly tweaked to improve their effectiveness, while some entries like the Cauldron of Blood and Bloodwrack Shrine have been reinvented to properly reflect the mysterious and shadowy powers of their patron. You can even field the Khainite statue that usually stands atop the Shrine as a separate unit, representing an iron Avatar of Khaine. Whether you’re a seasoned player of the Daughters of Khaine or you’re new to the Mortal Realms looking to master the battlefields with low cunning and holy fervour, you’ll find this battletome highly rewarding to use.

All this, plus accessories, cards, and dice in the next week.

  • DoctorBored

    Wow, gorgeous model. Really impressive. Between this and the Everqueen, I’m loving the super powerful female figures that GW is producing.

    • Vanders

      It’s not like she already existed…oh wait, she did.

      • Solvagon

        So two of them are just women in dress and the other one for some reason wears a dress over her plate armour which also leaves her thighs naked? Sorry, but those models do not seem particularly well designed.

        Morathi is so much more – she is sexy while not being a silly overexaggeration and I feel for her the belly-free dress actually serves a purpose. It leaves up her most vulnerable body part bare like a proclamation of arrogance and supreme power. Also it is a beautiful execution of the whole Naga/Medusa motif – every part of the model seems to integrate that purpose, while most female models GW did before seemed to be just a lazy repeat of sexist fantasy stereotypes to get some boobs in their games.

        They did some good work on Celestine (still, high heels are super silly), but the Darkoath Queen and Morathi are of the charts – they take old fantasy tropes and execute them really well – they are not the usual hot ladies in fantasy costumes that we used to see (and are still very prevalent) but take the existing images, but really follow through with the ideas behind them, which I really like.

        • Manuel Bateman

          well said!
          i also kinda like the necromunda escher who are a distinctly female and show some skin without beeing mere cyberpunk playmates

        • marxlives

          I don’t see how showing the female form is sexist. Impractical on the battlefield at the same time we are talking about 28mm here so you have to have visuals that let you know a female is a female, because in the real world gender is indistinguishable when people are dressed in battlegear.

          • Lucas Scarpati

            Fair enough; it’s related to pose, costume, and overall effect. Generally, when a male model is depicted with something to indicate masculinity, it’s a statement of power. For example, consider the dwarven slayers, or any number of Khornate models. They tend to be scantly clad, or at least shirtless, but there’s nothing to suggest modesty, or sexualization. They’re in agressive, attacking postures, weapons out and at the ready.

            Monsters, heroes, etc, are depicted in roughly the same style, usually action or cool badass pose to hilight the overall capability of the figure.

            Models of women instead tend to focus on the femininity of the form; emphasis is drawn to large breasts, pronounced hips, and so on, at the cost of emphasizing the overall figure’s ability. Morathi is interesting in that regard because she’s rather flat by mini-standards, and yet there’s no real question the model is intended as a woman. She doesn’t need the same things as her minions, and it kinda works because the general is actually wearing more armor than the grunts.

            Hope that helps.

          • marxlives

            The fact that Thunder Down Under exists or cover artists for romance novels shows that a masculine body that projects power is sexualized by women.

    • marxlives

      I thought the book is called “Daughters of Khaine” but by the artwork, that is no daughter. Sigh I wish Frank Frazetta was alive to teach young kids how to draw a wide variety of feminine bodies.

      The models are great though probably the best AoS has to offer so far.

  • Kritarion

    >Twisted by Slaanesh
    >Order Battletome
    I cant wait for all the lore explaining that.

    • SYSTem050

      Ehh I would assume it means captured by slannesh tortured twisted etc and now fighting back

      It’s a pretty standard and generic trope.

      • frank

        She was eaten by a god and escaped so basically generic trope for mythology but fits well in a setting like AOS which is inhabited by living gods.

    • Ben Martin

      The thing about Order is that ‘Order’ doesn’t mean good. Chaos is its own thing, everyone in Destrucion is hell bent on some form of anarchy or orderlessness, Death is all about Death, and Order are those who want to preserve an order. The big thing about that is, what kind of order they want is very diffrent. Sylvaneth just want chaos gone, and possibly to return everything to its natural state, as is their idea of ‘order’. Sigmar wants his cities and laws and all that. And the cults of Khaine probably have their own ideal of what they want ‘Order’ to be.
      (Watch this all be contradicted in the battletome, but ”tis just my two cents)

      • Philipp

        And Kharadrons …. Gold $$$$ xD

      • Jose Luis Camarasa

        By that logic everything can be considered order if it is whatever you consider as correct as long as fits your point of view. In another order of things, I’m the only one that views the justification for destruction as forced and bland? Chaos could perfectly fit in the same niche

        • Munn

          No it can’t. Chaos is basically the most orderly faction in the game. Every chaos warband worship either one patron god or the ruinous powers equally, there are set, predetermined methods of worship, and clearly themed force organization and Heraldry. Chaos are so neatly catagorized and cleanly subdivided they might as well be army, navy, marines, airforce.

          Order are the actual chaotic ones with everyone going every which way and so many people with so many different plans all crisscrossing over each other, no clear thematic link between any two factions. It’s crazyness.

          • euansmith

            Good points.

          • Marcus Clark

            Good God man, thats so crazy it makes perfect sense.

          • Randy Randalman

            Except that Chaos is made only out of partial reality. It’s a mix of the real and extradimensional energy. Mutated and twisted and apart from time and space. The individuals themselves are always backstabbing, leap-frogging, and scheming behind one another to earn the favor of partial deities that are every bit as messy as their mortal followers. Those followers aren’t even neatly divided or devoted, as you claim. Those mortals and Demons hate one another and their gods, believing to serve them only to further themselves in the hopes of achieving immortality. All the while losing their grip on reality. 

            No, Chaos is the exact opposite of order in fluff and concept. 

            Order is like the Lawful alignment in D&D: there’s a code or law each faction believes in above all else. That doesn’t mean good or moral. There’s an order to everything and it must be followed. 

            In your efforts to make a point or sound intelligent, you completely over thought it.

      • euansmith

        I’d like for GW to add a “Good” Chaos Faction… outside of Nurgle, of course.

        • Shadowstrife

          Nurgle is pretty much the Hufflepuff of the chaos pantheon, lol.

          I’d like to see a Wulfrik-themed marauder faction that fight for gold. With plastic mammoths, of course.

        • GWELLS

          That would be sweet, maybe like a similiar concept to the that Khorne Daemonkin faction from 40k. They were dedicated to Khorne and went around killing the followers of the other chaos factions mostly.

          Maybe something similiar to that were they attack other chaos rather than order.

          • Algernon Bumbry

            So you want them to bring back malal sounds good to me.

    • Reven

      Being stuck in Slaanesh’s stomach changed her form physically, but it didn’t change what side she fights for.

    • Munn

      Dude, she got eaten. Why wouldn’t she be as anti-chaos as possible

      • BaronSnakPak

        The part where she rips out a nobleman’s heart and claims her god “is murder” seems to disagree with your theory.

        • Algernon Bumbry

          That’s just good old Khaine not chaos remember boys and girls order doesn’t equal nice.

          • BaronSnakPak

            Saying your god is murder is a pretty chaos sentiment. I never said anything about nice.

          • Algernon Bumbry

            Order and Chaos are not good and evil. Hence why say sisters of battle can worship a techno lich and follow his saint(Daemon Princes) into battle and still not be chaos. Morathi isn’t chaos for saying her god is murder she is just honest.

        • GWELLS

          Sorry friend that is Khaine. And even if it was chaos that would be Khorne at best, and its confirmed now that she still worships Khaine.

    • ohhpoong

      simpler explanation
      Chaos: followers of Chaos Gods
      Destruction: followers of Gorkamorka
      Death: followers of Nagash
      Order: everyone else

      • James Regan

        Though death differs slightly in that most of its actual members got there via the ‘took one too many cannonballs to the face’ method, and none of the other gods cared enough to take them at the time.

      • Hans Rasmus Sørensen

        flesh eater courts dont follow nagash and sees themselves as the good guys..they think they are noble knights

        • ohhpoong

          in recent nagash battletome, it is specifically mentioned that FEC follow nagash nonetheless because they get to have more meat if they follow him and they also see nagash as an almighty being even when they despise him (this was mentioned in FEC battletome). So the idea is that nagash does have some control over them and FECs are not trying to go against him

    • Sigmar is Slaanesh-curious?

  • Jonathon Runge

    Cool model. I just wish it was in a setting I could be interested in.

    • Kabal1te

      The setting has a lot in it that is there to be found and more and more detail and more facets are being added to it frequently, especially if you read the novels. There is plenty to be interested in if you choose to try.

      • Shadowstrife

        I’ve noticed this as well when delving into the new novels/lore. But I think the larger point is that the casual gamer shouldn’t have to do so much heavy lifting to be sold on the setting.

        • GWELLS

          You don’t have to get into Age of Sigmar, there are plenty of people who don’t buy into the 40k setting on first glance, but got into it from further review. If you start off disliking the setting of course you will not want to dig deeper.

          • Shadowstrife

            Yeah I don’t know really. I remember thinking AOS had strong Castle Grayskull/ Masters of the Universe vibes upon release back in 2015.

            Since then, the setting has grown really well. Once Skaven, Death and Aelves are fleshed out more, it will all shape up nicely.

          • GWELLS

            Well too be fair there is no defending the fact that the setting at first was very vague and somewhat confusing (ala, what exactly is a Realm? a planet? a dimension?). Though they had the courtesy to admit that was intentional, as in they wanted to give developers freedom to design anything they wanted (so a new faction wouldn’t accidentally break a rule of the world or have to be shoehorned into major events, which can sometimes be a problem in 40k).

            But now they are more clearly defining the world rules and fleshing out the factions (they finally got around to explaining what the realms look like). I personally hope a fluff-book about the history and outline of each realm will be released to give us a more in depth look. Now that 40k has settled down a bit they are finally giving AOS some love and I look forward to the direction. I especially hope they give us some Free-peoples updates or reintroduce the tomb kings maybe.

          • Shadowstrife

            Yeah a great example of this ‘open sandbox’ was the Kharadhron skyports.
            I remember seeing the huge carcass artwork being chopped up at the sky-port I was blown away. Of course the mad gyrocopter crowd would evolve to the clouds.

            I’d expect the same to happen to the Skaven- if the rumors are true, they have built huge roving warrens like the Hungry Cities from Mortal Engines.

        • Kabal1te

          Well that is the down side to making something that is more unique than a Tolkien derivitave which is what made WFB not really need the heavy lifting, it was fantasy tropes the setting. Personally I would rather a complex setting that needs more front end reading to fully understand rather than an amalgamation of cliches.

          • GWELLS

            I try my best to not come off as antagonist to the old setting, and some aspects have merit but I have to agree. The one thing that I oftened heard about the old setting was that it was, at its core, a poor mans tolkien universe and that isn’t far off. If I want middle earth, I’ll read something set in middle-earth.

            Say what you want about 40k, atleast it was truly its own thing, it wasn’t star trek or even star wars. Old warhammer I would describe as alternatre history smashed together with Tolkien mythos, and then grinded together with undead legend.

      • Vanders

        Not if you don’t like any of that lore you are describing.

    • GWELLS

      If it doesn’t interest you then what you doing here than? Isn’t putting time and energy into something that you don’t like not good for anyone?

      • Jonathon Runge

        I am interested in the Old World. It was and is an overall more appealing setting given its framework when compared to other fantasy settings including AoS. I have not found anything good related to AoS that requires AoS and could not have been more interesting within the Old World. My concern is that Fantasy/AoS, much like other series I have observed or invested in, will by hindered in long term and multimedia growth due to changes to the setting to redefine what differentiates the product within its market and consumer base. GW has demonstrated a lack of creativity in developing their IPs.

        • GWELLS

          I really don’t think that will be a problem. Maybe at first when they launched and they were intentionally keeping it vague due to wanting to give the scultpers all the freedom they could, but now that they are legitimately defining the setting it is becoming very unique in its scope and vision.

          Now if you simply prefer the more traditional fantasy alternate earth setting the old world offered than that is fine, but personal preference is no reason too assume the new setting will be marred by lack of differentiation. If you miss the old world I would suggest you get involved with the new lore they are creating for the Total war series, as they are creating alternate lore to carry forward with those games that does not follow the events of the End Times.

        • GWELLS

          To be fair friend even though that could be a concern, the truth is all of your complaints about AOS can actually be thrown at the old setting (its too generic, they change things to suit their business needs). And to be fair in my opinion you also have not levelled any substantial criticism at the game beyond you just don’t like.

          The Old World was basically just as generic but only in a traditional fantasy setting, it seems the only real difference is that you are more familiar with it so have a bias towards the new setting. Simply because you prefer more traditional fantasy does not mean that AOS is destined to fail.

    • EnTyme

      Did you seriously “like” your own comment?

  • Boondox

    Very nice model. I’ll probably shorten the spines on the wings though so they don’t snap off as easily….

  • So Daemonettes still have boobs, ah? That calms me a bit.

  • frank

    Aside from the obvious cool stuff from

    • Kabal1te

      The cauldron of blood with the khaine statue on it had been a part of AoS since the beginning and goes back to the WFB, so it has been a thing.

      • I think frank is asking about a playable Avatar of Khaine in AoS/WFB, something I think we all expected during the End Times

        • frank

          thank you haha.

      • frank

        that not what I meant its been a part of the cauldron of blood since 6th ed as a statue but not a playable hero. so no its not been a thing as you put it,

  • Sonic tooth

    Looks amazing. I liked the black pegasus but this is awesome!

  • Rafał Pytlak

    Hello Miriel Sabathiel Daemon Princess

  • Jose Luis Camarasa

    The music of the video doesn’t fit at all

    • euansmith

      I’d got AC/DC Highway to Hell playing on Youtube 😀

    • I expected to see a Sports Car.

    • benvoliothefirst

      Not to mention the MALE VOICE which seems like it’s supposed to be Morathi’s… Listen fellas, I know that production times on these is limited and good voice actors are expensive, but seriously, get one of the few women who works at the studio or failing that, of your wives to step in! More female representation beats acting chops, I think.

      • MKG35

        Male? sounded like a husky lady to me.

  • Wait, we ACTUALLY got an IRON Avatar of Khaine as a mini now?

    • Vicent Martín Bonet

      the statue from the cauldron of blood.

      • I am aware but I meant to say as a unit…Iron for AoS and Fire for 40k

  • Jose Luis Camarasa

    I’m not too happy about the blood on the tips of the kerrigan metal wings

    • Boondox

      Agreed. I’d try the ones from a Tyranid Gargoyle, or Morghast or maybe a Deamon Prince. Just not sure of the scale.

    • Kabal1te

      The more and more I look at it the more I agree with you, mainly because blood wouldn’t look like that. I can’t see removing it from the model as being that hard though.

  • Talos2

    Another annoyingly nice aos model.

  • SKullgreed

    Looks like my future Emperors Children DP, before modification.

    • Munn

      ugh, what a tragic waste of a great model.

    • Munn

      ugh, what a tragic waste of a great model.

  • af

    I think the actual models are cool and I like them, but can I bring your attention to the cover art of the Battletome? The… um, the Witch Elves don’t look like women. They look like men in drag.

    • Dan Worsley

      They’ve ALWAYS looked like men in drag though.

      • It’s not possible. Elfs aren’t men. They’re Elfs!
        So they’d have to look like Elfs in drag…

        • Dan Worsley

          Sir’s logic is impeccable, I sit corrected.

      • ZeeLobby


    • Spacefrisian

      Wondering if its a Blanshitsu original.

    • Kabal1te

      They look like muscular women with breasts that aren’t over exaggerated. I don’t see a problem.

      • af

        I don’t mind that; I approve of the realistic breasts. I mean just what I wrote: they look like men in drag. Look at the face of the Witch Elf.

      • GWELLS

        They actually seem to have a more androgynous look to look them than the old world art, with a little feral vampire look thrown in. I like it overall.

    • Hagwert

      They are meant to be physically strong and athletic warriors not Play Boy models with swords. Most female real world sports stars are lean and muscular.

      • af

        Note the actual Witch Elf models are way more sexualized and stereotypicially feminine, but I know what you mean. I actually agree with a more realistic representation of women’s bodies.

        This Witch Elf, however, looks like a man in drag. She looks a bit like David Bowie, in fact. I think this is just a poor drawing, and not a conscious decision from the artist, but I may be mistaken.

      • euansmith

        I’d be really happy if the design studio put away their copies of “Fapping Monthly” and took a look at some MMA mags instead, or maybe just watched a few more Fast & Furious movies.

        • Fergie0044

          Fapping monthly really hasn’t been the same since rupert murdoch bought it over.

    • Laurence J Sinclair

      Paul Dainton tends to give the figure in his paintings rather elongated torsos and/or small arms – given that the prominent witch in this piece has on just a bra, its a lot more pronounced here than usual.

      • Kabal1te

        If you want to pick at the cover art really the only thing that bugs me is the fact that her arms appear to be significantly different lengths to a degree that perspective can’t fully account for, but it’s still better art than I am capable of.

    • euansmith

      What a classy retraction.

      I can see where you were coming from with your original comment. Though, I would say, in this case, at least this witch elf looks more “realistic” than many of the Combat Barbies we see in wargaming and the media in general.

      I’d be fascinated to see some women let lose on designing minis for ranges like this. Bad Squiddo (The Dice Bag Lady) does a nice range of “realistic” women and Victoria Miniatures has a cool range of sensible dressed and proportioned combatants.

  • Kabal1te

    As someone that has spent time studying anatomy I love the musculature details across the back of the true form model. Really well done.

    • af

      On second thought, you’re right. I won’t lie: I don’t like the illustration. But I didn’t have to be snarky about it 🙂

  • euansmith
    • Shadowstrife

      Said Ron’s crotch region.

  • Simon Chatterley

    Contender for model of the year right there already

  • Shadowstrife

    Strongly tempted to re-read Malus Darkblade: Warpsword again in preparation for this release.

    Gotta love those crazy blood-drinking witch elves.

    • The entire series, I’d say.

      I’m still mighty annoyed over how they teased us with Darkblade returning via a short story, event exclusive, and then didn’t follow up on it until The End Times, where they just skipped decades if not longer, the entire hunt for Tz’arkan, and then killed him off. What a drag.

      • Oooh boy, if Malus saw the new Morathi…

        • Txabi Etxebarrieta

          “Shut UP, Morathi.”

      • Shadowstrife

        Yeah I guess the End Times was too massive in scope to handle moments that needed to be more intimate. And you can’t get more intimate than the reunion of a frickin’ daemon who’d been riding around inside your head for years.

        The siege in Lord of Ruin was always my favorite, where Malus becomes a reluctant hero on the battlements to his troops.

  • Shadowstrife

    Yep, time to go watch Clash of the Titans again.

    Maybe even the crappy remake. The Medusa scene in that was good at least.

    • No, stick with the classic…The classic also had Talos (Yes, I’m referencing it because of IRON Avatar of Khaine)

      • Shadowstrife

        Ha. It gave me nightmares when I was a kid. But looking back on it I was glad of those nightmares. Good times.

        • Double-checking…There was a Talos or metal men in the classic Clash?

          • Shadowstrife

            Talos was the metal colossus. Calibos was the creepy devil guy that gave me nightmares.

          • Algernon Bumbry

            Talos was in Jason and the Argonauts not clash of the Titans.

  • ZeeLobby

    These are pretty awesome.

  • piglette

    Great models. The snake one reminds me of the Medusa creatures in God Of War.

  • I think this is bar far the best big kit GW have made in a good while as it does not suffer from the OTT vomit-fest of extraneous detail. One quick glance and I can straightaway see that Snake-Morathi is a powerful creature and my eye line is drawn to her face, I don’t have to search for it. Spot on GW, spot on.

    Having said that, while I like the non-snake Morathi I wonder why she bothers using that form at all as AoS seems to be a setting full of craziness so if anything having a snake-bodied big momma seems like a good thing…so why hide your gloriously hideous form Morathi? Just rock the snake look full time! 😀

  • Rob brown

    I like the principal of the model don’t like the elvish size torso with the humongous remainder. Would have preferred in proportion. Also a bit iffy about the brass wings on the elf form model.

  • Xodis

    This looks great…but Im pretty sold on Death right now lol

  • Ryan Miller

    Oh look! Fulgrim!

  • Arykaas

    Waitaminute ….
    Iron … Avatar … Of Khaine ? Noice ;D
    Depending on the playstyle, this might be the faction that convince me to jump into AOS (said that with Kharadron, was kinda disapointed)

  • John Henry III

    This faction cannot come out soon enough. Fast speedy and full of bloody, bloody murder what is there not to love?