PP: Deathjack’s New Look and Longchops

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The infamous Deathjack is getting a terrifying new look, and the Blindwater’s monster hunter extraordinaire crawls out of the swamp, this week.

That’s right. Much like Lord Tyrant Hexeris last week, this week the Deathjack’s new model is being unveiled, alongside the eccentric monster hunter known as Longchops. Now, whether he’s a monster hunter because he hunts monsters, or he himself is a monster (well a gatorman) who hunts is unclear. What is clear, however, is that he is my new favorite model in all of Immoren.

via Privateer Press


For more than 200 years, the necromechanikal horror called the Deathjack has haunted the wilds of western Immoren. Striking without warning, this infernal machine voraciously devours souls and leaves nothing but death and destruction in its wake.

SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 34130 represents the same figure in the game as PIP 34038. The model in PIP 34130 is a new sculpt and therefore looks different from the model in PIP 34038. The replaced PIP will no longer be available from Privateer Press beginning February 2018.


An eccentric monster hunter from the swamp, the gatorman Longchops has earned a name for himself in the wilds of western Immoren. Constantly seeking larger and deadlier prey to pit himself against, Longchops carries a heavy rifle and a wide array of snares and traps, having adapted the techniques of humans in his search for the perfect prey.

Happy hunting.

  • Apocryphus

    I am alllll about that new Deathjack. It feels so much more menacing than the old one.

  • Nosebleed

    Wow that Deathjack!

    It’s only Feb 2018 and we already have a contender for Miniature of the Year!

    • marxlives

      Time to load up your old Iron Maiden vinyls.

  • Wampasaurus

    Longchops? Does anyone else see the uncanny resemblance to Leatherhead from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

    • marxlives

      If they released a 4 team Krok unit, I would freak the blank out.

  • petrow84

    Yo yo yo DJ! HIT MEEE!

    Wait, not this one, NOT THIS ONE!

  • Fredddy

    They missed the opportunity to call him Dundee Crocodile.

  • marxlives

    I like the lore of Death Jack. Wonders into a village kills everyone, devours their soul without any direction from a warcaster or any fuel and fades into the wilderness.