Streaming NOW: Age of Sigmar – Daughters of Khaine

Today we take Daughters of Khaine for a spin and see just how much Morathi can wreck Stormcast Eternal face!

Daughters of Khaine & Friends


5x Bloodstalkers

5x Khinerai Heartrenders

Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood

5x Drakespawn Knights

10x Dreadspears

10x Dreadspears

10x Darkshards


Stormcast Eternals

Lord Celestant on Drakoth

Lord Celestant

Lord Relictor

Knight Questor

5x Liberators

5x Liberators

5x Liberators

2x Concussors

5x Retributors

6x Prosecutors


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  • William Jameson

    Will this be available to watch later?

    • Yes – it’s up on the BoLS Twitch archive now and it will be moved to YouTube next week.

      • William Jameson

        Ah yes, so it is. Thank you. Didn’t notice it as I was using the Twitch app on a Fire TV stick that doesn’t show titles of things and only showed a title card that had Chaos Space Marines on it. When I checked it on my phone instead it was indeed labelled as Daughters of Khaine.
        Thanks again 🙂