Warhammer 40,000 Community Survey – $500 Prize

We’re co-hosting a community survey and giving away $500 to entrants.  Take the survey today Warhammer fans!

WCA Reseach, a UK company and BoLS are co-hosting a community survey for Warhammer 40,000 players.  We’re trying to get a good view of exactly who makes up the community, what games do we play, and how did we even get into our glorious hobby. I’m excited to get a look so we can better tailor the type of content we make here to better match what you all like.

It’s a quick survey that will only take a couple of minutes.

Take the Survey Here

~$500 is also being given away to survey entrants, so get surveying for your chance to win.




  • Apocryphus

    Is this the same survey that was posted up a little bit ago, or is time decaying and stuttering in weird ways?

  • davepak

    They need another option on the spending – “I already have all the armies I want, and have to paint them before spending more”.

  • Colm Kiely

    The question on value for money is interesting. There are some products that I think GW is doing a great job on – like the new starter stuff and bloodbowl teams. That’s what I buy. Then things like the Aggressor boxed sets are *way* overpriced – so I don’t buy them.