Wyrd: The Waldgeist Rider Joins Bayou Bash

This racer is tree-mendous!

Bayou Bash is a free wheeling racing game for up to 5 players that features their signature Gremlins on a variety of barely tamed critters. Players aim to gain the most fans while racing Wyrd’s fan favorite gremlins around a course. Going fast will get you fans, but be careful – fights can break out, and fans in the stands can be wiped out and removed from the game.

The models and art have the company’s signature mix of insanity and cuteness. Meet the newest critter to join the race….

In an event as wild and rowdy as the Bayou Bash, sometimes even the surrounding trees pine to participate. This week, the Waldgeist spruces himself up and enters the race. His jockey has an axe to grind, and luckily for her, the Waldgeist is willing to lend a hand.

On the race track, this little tree with a big heart takes the slow and steady approach. Despite not being as reckless as his competitors, his ability to control how he staggers can often leaf the other racers in the dust.

Check out the Wyrd forums to learn more about Bayou Bash!

  • marxlives

    Wow that came out of nowhere. Looks cool though, like Pupper Wars and Wyrd does make a solid board game.

  • jlminella

    Please let these all have counts-as cards in Malifaux proper

  • euansmith

    I like the chopped off arm being used as an axe haft. I guess it would have been too cute to have the hand grasping the axe head; this way looks even crueler.