AoS: Dread Solstice Week 4 Weekend Update

It’s time to take a quick look at the current results of the Dread Solstice Campaign to see how Week 4 is shaping up!

…And it’s looking like Skull is going to take this one by a MILE. I guess folks really want to see what happens when they run the Red Mist through the ancient archeo-machinery of the Infinity Gears! Check it out:

via Games Workshop

Week 4, time to claim another Skull…

If (when) Skull wins this week, that will mean that Skull has been chosen 3 out of the 4 weeks so far with Drake winning last week. Now keep in mind, those options don’t necessarily line up with any one faction. Last week’s Drake result caused Chaos to get a buff – but reading the dilemma, it kind of made sense! Another thing to note is that the more popular option has tended to be the more aggressive option as well.

Week 1 – Destroy the Naysers

Week 2 – Learn Every Secret

Week 3 – Steer Into the Storm

Week 4 – ??? (probably Fight Fury with Fury)

If you’d like to read-up on the narrative and the events so far, you can check out the story HERE and also the rules for each week (which are cumulative) HERE.

I’m very interested to see what happens with the Infinity Gears. We got a bit of a hint of what they do in the Season of War: Firestorm boxed set:

What was interesting about the is they were a battlefield that you could claim that would provide you a buff for your forces. So it’s going to be quite interesting to see what happens when the Red Mists get sucked into those gears…

I guess we’ll find out in week 5. *cue maniacal laughter*


Anyone want to take a stab at what they think will happen in Week 5? Are you going to help speed up the process or are you fighting against the Skull?

  • Hagwert

    What a great looking map ! Love that ye olde style of cartography and it makes getting a handle on the realms much easier.

    • euansmith

      I recently got around to purchasing the Stormcast Codex and there’s a tip top map in there too.

    • ragelion

      There are maps of ghyran, Ashqy and shyish.

      • Drew

        Unfortunately, not comprehensive ones. I’d really like them to go back and do an “uber-map” linking together all the discombobulated regional ones from the Realmgate Wars books.

        There’s a lot of potential in the AoS setting if they would just codify the dang thing. =)

        • GWELLS

          They are probably planning too, I am expecting something along the lines of a comprehensive fluff book that covers all the territories currently controlled by the four factions and a more comprehensive history.

          However I don’t think their will ever be a complete comprehensive map of all the realms. I mean the main controlled territories like the Free Cities and their regions will be fleshed out but their will be a lot more unexplored areas of the Mortal realms to allow for new expansions and for players to create their own pocket empires for narrative campaigns with friends (one thing a lot of people forget that there are tons of unaligned human, Aelve, Ogor, duardin and even undead kingdoms that aren’t aligned to any of the Grand alliances or are even known to them and kind of just do their own thing, like occasionally trading with one of the great powers. Kind of like pocket Xeno and independent human colonies in 40k).

          • ragelion

            There are maps of the realms I posted it but BOLS for some reason did not approve the comment. We have maps of Ghyran, Ashqy and Shyish. Ashqy and Shyish are being filled out

          • GWELLS

            Oh i know, but those maps don’t cover all the land in those respective realms, just the most contested areas in the center of the realms. There is tons of land even in the center that can still be explored.


    Praise Warhammer both new and old!

    This is really cool. So steampunk.

  • af

    > “Another thing to note is that the more popular option has tended to be the more aggressive option as well.”

    Makes sense. Honestly I’d be surprised if GW even thought what would happen if the “flee fer yer lives” option won. This is obviously a filler option. Every wargamer worth his salt will want to see conflict.

    So, any bets? This is obviously going to favor Death, but who else?

    • GWELLS

      Well likely it would have resulted in another buff to chaos, and it likely would have resulted in the other factions doing something like “We must redouble our efforts to push back chaos and punish the traiters who have surrendered to Chaos”. or something like that.

      I don’t if it would benefit Death, crafting a new weapon sounds like something the new Sigmarite engineer would want to get involved with, a victory their could spell a boon to Order.

      • af

        You have a point about Order! It’s the wording “ancient archeo-machinery” that makes me think Undead, but it’s not clear cut and it could very well be a Sigmarite artifact!

        • GWELLS

          Indeed, I have a theory that the main point of this campaign is too decide what abilities the new herald models for each faction will get going forward. For instance the Knight of shroud first got a buff following the first week, then the Chaos war queen. Now I think they are enticing players to give the stormcast engineer a boost if the skull is chosen. Then cave-shaman next.

        • euansmith

          “ancient archeo-machinery”

          Necrons in AoS confirmed!

        • Jared van Kell

          Certainly a Lord Ordinatus would be qualified to operate such a machine. It makes me wonder what the Lord Ordinatus will get as a prize this week.

  • Jared van Kell

    Where is Marcobot? Surely he should have made an appearance by now.

    • af

      I’m worried about him too.

      • Hagwert

        Don’t worry about him….he’ll most likely be in the Ten Tailed Cat in Talabheim regaling any that will listen with stories of the days of high adventure…or WHFB to you and me !

        • Severius_Tolluck

          By Krom, he’s right.