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Death Guard Rhinos

Jan 20 2007

Here is a look at my army’s 3 Rhinos.

The lead center Rhino is painted in a pristine white Pre-Heresy scheme, and is used with my Loyalist Death Guard force.

The other 2 are painted with the goals of being:
a) usable in the Heresy-era Death Guard Traitor force
b) still maintain a very strong link stylistically to the original Loyalist one.

That is, the goal is to show the 3 stages of transformation starting with the pristine center Rhino, moving onto the right Rhino which is obviously in a serious state of disrepair and filth, before finally stopping at the obviously daemonic leftmost Rhino, whick no-one could possibly mistake for a loyalist vehicle.

The real trick was to keep the “middle phase” rhino looking like there might be some small chance that it could still be used by a loyalist, perhaps in a severe state of battlefield grime, and improvised field repairs. Of course, the gargoyles would need some serious explaining back at base. 😉

As usual, custom decals all around, and the Havoc launcher, searchlight, and radar thingie are magnetized for easy vehicle option swapouts.


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