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Baltimore GT, Day 1: Ork Pics

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Nov 4 2007

Just to prove to all those nay sayers that the Ork codex really is printed, here is a pic of the one they brought. Very nice codex, lots of pics, lots of fluff and no pictures of the developers inside.

I don’t think the internet has seen a picture of the back cover before.

Three sprue shots. I believe these are for the lootas.

I was talking with Jeremy Vetock, head of the GW design studio, about the ork codex. He reaches behind the counter and pulls out his army case and procedes to set down several of the resin test models from is own personal army. He said to warn everyone that they are not Heavy Metal quality. Either way, they look good to me. I plan to add some squig Bombs to my army as soon as I can.
As always, double click on any picture to see a larger version. I’ll have more info about the tournament itself posted soon.

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