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40k SNEAK PEEK: Nurgle Daemon Prince?

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Feb 26 2009

Hi folks, New Nurgle mini incoming!

Sometimes stuff just drops out of thin air around here, and today as I was painting up some Druchii, BoLS reader Mike said he was looking around at some cool new Warhammer 40k minis on Forgeworld and stumbled upon this Chaos Daemons Nurgly fellow:

As a Grandfather Nurgle player, and card-carrying member of the Death Guard, you can only imagine my inner gurgling of fetid appreciation.

As we can see here, it appears to be some type of Daemon-Prince of the Lord of Decay and his rotten man-servant. It is painted, so the model made it past the prototype phase. As for whether its just a one-off test, or a production model headed our way as part of an upcoming book (say Siege of Vraks:3) we just don’t know.

~What I do know, is I really want one. He’s kind of a chubby well armed brother of the metal Nurgle Daemon-prince available currently. They would make a nice pair on the tabletop. If anyone else knows something about this guy, lets hear it.

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