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40k HOBBY CHALLENGE: IG Command Squad Edition

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Jun 9 2009

Hi everybody,

Its been to long since we had a community hobby challenge. Since the last Badab APC Challenge was such a hit, we have decided to open up another painting challenge and are once again happy to offer PRIZE SUPPORT courtesy of Battleforge Games!

In the spirit of the times, this challenge’s theme is Imperial Guard. So lets get right down to it readers. Your challenge is to submit to the BoLS emailbox 1-3 high-quality pictures of the following:

-Your choice of a Cadian or Catachan Command Squad (one of the new fancy plastic ones).
-It may be painted as you see fit, in the style of any of the myriad regiments of the Imperial Guard.
-Weathering, fine detail work, minor conversions, extra equipment, fancy bases and the like are all acceptable to dress up your entry.
-Shoot 2 pictures against a well-lit white background (see the example Command Squads above).
-Shoot 1 picture of the squad up against a piece of paper that says “Bell of Lost Souls” somewhere on it (just print a screenshot of the blog from your browser).
-One or two sentences of fluff describing the squad, its regiment, achievements, and fate (have fun with it!).
-Email the entries with the subject line “BFG IG CHALLENGE” to the BoLS emailbox.

I will select the top entries and put up a poll once the deadline has passed. The winner gets a brand spanking new shrink-wrapped Valkyrie for your command squad to ride around in courtesy of Battleforge Games, mailed straight to your home. Tell your friends to come get in on the action.

~The Deadline is June 26th. Gentlemen, start your paintbrushes! This is your chance to really show off to your fellow BoLS readers, so lets see what you all can do. I hear that the fine folks at Battleforge Games carry those IG command squads as well. Just saying…

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