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40K Project Log: Leviathan Part 3

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Jan 21 2010

After a 2 month delay, the modeling of the Leviathan is complete. It’s not an exact replica of the epic scale design, but the bastion kits make it work.

The bastion has this nice, subtle course detail on the flat surfaces, but the armor over the tracks was made with smooth plasticard. I decided to try something new and bought a can of textured spray paint. Rust-oleum’s hammered finish to be exact. After carefully taping off the rest of the model, I applied a few coats of the paint. It turned out pretty good and I would use it again. It will obliterate any fine detail, so be careful on what you use it on, but for large flat areas, it works well enough.

The Leviathan is a command tank and has special rules for this. To represent this, I added several antenna to the top. Two of the large ones from the vehicle accessory sprue, and 2 smaller ones from the Cadian backpack that were cut off and put on the discarded rear section of a lascannon.

After much deliberation, I decided on a bi-fold design for the rear ramp. A few well placed magnets keep it in place while it is up, then a pair of hinges allow it to fold out.

I think that’s it. As they say on the auto shows “now it’s off to paint”

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