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40K: Unknown Tyranids Vol. 3: The Parasite of Mortrex

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Jan 25 2010

“…a Tyranid bioform never before encountered- a bat-winged creature the size of a Tyranid Warrior… this tail was tipped with a hollow tube, similar to a serpent’s fang…”

I was very excited to make my version of the Parasite, he seems like a blast. Just from the name and feel of his story, I decided he needed feeder tendrils. The whole thing just has a very “B” movie monster quality to it that I find pretty endearing.

I used the main body of a Lictor with his tail bent around, I then added Hormagaunt legs, Genestealer rending claws, and the wings from a Dark Pegasus. Oh, plus the tongue from a Carnifex for the head crest….

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