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PROJECT LOG: Unknown Tyranid Beasties Vol. 1: The Tervigon

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Jan 12 2010

So I’m sure many of you have seen all the new goodness in the Tyranid codex, and the one thing that stuck out at me is that all the new option in the Tyranid codex have given us the opportunity to kit-bash in ways never touched before. Now taking the Carnifex/Trygon boxes you can make 5 different Monstrous Creatures all with supporting rules, not just fluff! This project is about me working my way through them.

For the Tervigon I used the Hive Tyrants legs and head combined with the torso of a carnifex and a bunch of greenstuff. Its middle arms are fused together into the egg pouch, and I used one of the terrain bits from the Genestealer kit to make the ‘orifice’ on the pouch, which you can see below…

I also magnetized the Termagaunts on the base, because with this guy on the field, I may just need to pop them onto their own bases…

~All you Tyranid converters out there better put your thinking caps on. I hear there may be another BoLS hobby challenge waiting in the wings…

Author: Kris Lon
  • 40K PLAYAID: Forgotten Heroes 3