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Rise of the Tyranids- Harpy Work In Progress READY

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Jan 20 2010

Look at the first of many new Tyranid conversions.  This is my WIP conversion of the new Tyranid Harpy model.   It’s basically supposed to be a flying monstrous creature, so I figured I’d base it off the Carnifex and let the rest just materialize as I go.

So I started off I with the Carnifex top torso, but flipped it so the bottom of the torso is where the head would go.  Then I used the Hive Tyrant legs to give slim it down a bit and separate it from the two distinct profiles of the Carnifex, and Tyrant. The wings are from the new High Elf Dragon model, and work quite well to open the model up and draw attention to it. I drilled a hole for the shafts to plug into on the carapace, and magnetized the ends for extra support. Having the wings separate makes for much easier transportation and storage, believe me.

I had the rest of the dragon kit left over, so I thought the huge rock will go great with my swarm’s theme (more on that later) and make a kick ass base to mount this baddie to. I attached the model to the base with some pins, and paused to reflect on my progress.

I think it’s coming along quite nicely, what you do you think?

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