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FANTASY: Skaven at Adepticon!

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Mar 24 2010

Skaven at Adepticon!

WOW , lets just say WPS comp scoring (pdf download) used at Adepticon for Fantasy is pretty brutal to a lot of armies. Lets take a look at the Skaven list I’m bringing. I was planning to play Tomb Kings all year ,but, if I wanted any chance for the Adept Championship Overall my negative scoring Tomb Kings would not be allowed. The 4 tunnelers in my army was giving me a rather huge hit on the scale. I looked over the sheet and rested on Warriors for awhile. WPS does not account for the chosen deathstar…I don’t really have a lot of fun playing against or fielding the chosen deathstar so I finally landed on skaven.

My skaven were painted by Curse of Beers from The Warhammer Forum and I love fielding this awesome looking army every chance I get. The WPS is also somewhat forgiving to the little ratmen. I decided to take the WPS magic hit even though it does hurt my comp. I think the amount of models, combined with the doomflayer hitty power, shooting+magic phases should see me through to a spot on table 1 or 2. Here is my final list I plan on playing this Saturday:

2000 points Skaven

Grey Seer w/ stuff
Level 2 Warlock w/ Doomrocket+Condensor
Chieftain BSB w/ great weapon + StormBanner

3 x 20 Slaves
3 x 25 Clanrats w/ Doomflayer
19 Giantrats w/ master moulder

7 Censor bearers
2 x 5 Gutter runners w/ slings
5 Jezzails


Any thoughts on the list BOLS? Are you surprised on how many models a skaven army can field at 2k? Think I will go 0-4?  For that matter, who thinks the WPS system is to strict, or does Fantasy need something that harsh to make it work in a tourney setting?

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