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Warhammer Tactica: No Look Out Sirs

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Mar 27 2010

Warhammer Tactica: No Look Out Sirs

There is ways to hit characters in units without having to melee them to death. Consider trying to kill annoying wizards or heroes with some unconventional methods. Listed below is a few ways to threaten characters from range:


There are quite a few spells that pick out characters. Consider trying some of these next battle.
Warriors of Chaos Nurgle Lore: Buboes
BRB Lore Metal: Burning Iron
BRB Lore Death: Steal Soul
BRB Lore Fire: Wall of Fire
High Elf Lore: Flames of the Phoenix
Skaven Lore: Plague
Demons of Chaos Nurgle Lore: Shriveling Pox
Dark Elf Lore: Blade Wind
Vampire Lore: Curse of Years

This is just a few spells that pick on characters. There are plenty more that I did not list.

There are some weapons specifically designed to pick out characters.
Empire: Hochland Long Rifle
Wood Elf: Hunter’s Talon
Wood Elf: Pageant of Strikes

US5 or not?
A lot of players don’t know that Champions do not count as rank and file models for the purposes of look out sirs. If your opponent takes 5 cavalry models and upgrades one to a champion it is open field day on any character that may join that unit.

Its not safe
Plan your shooting and magic phases carefully. If a character is in a relatively small unit you just need to kill off a few models before you can start randomizing to hit the character. As soon as unit goes below 5 rank and file models you can start looking to hit characters inside them. Consider magicking a small unit down to less then 5 rank and file and then firing a cannon or stonethrower at the character. He won’t have a look out sir to hide behind.

Bolt throwers
Always look for a flank shot with bolt-throwers. Sometimes opponents will lazily put characters on flanks so they don’t have to move a model in the unit. If the character is the only model in the flank he is hit with the Str6 no armor save d3 wound bolt.


Double Dip will Do Ya
When you have 2 cannons/stonethrower like weapons you can setup the character kills if your opponent is only hiding in 5 rank and file. With a little luck and correct guessing you can snipe a character. A character in 5 rank and file is not totally safe from 2 war machines. Aim both war machines at the character. If he takes his look out sir vs the 1st and you kill the lackey he will now be in a unit of 4 rank and file. He will not receive a look out sir vs the 2nd war machine shot.

I can see the Bells
Characters on large targets or US5 mounts or are US5 themselves can be picked out of units. You still have to randomize the mount or the character ,but, if you throw enough missiles his way you should clean his clock.

So BoLS what ways do you go after characters? Have any legendary character kills, lets hear your stories.

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