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40K Hobby – Blood Angels Stormraven WIP

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Apr 8 2010

I’m back again with a sweet conversion I’ve been obsessing over.  Deep down inside me I knew it was going to come to this. I would fall to the sweet siren song of converting up a Stormraven, and there was nothing anyone, not even my girlfriend, could do about (trust me she tried).

Going in I had a good idea of what I had in mind, but along the way there were issues that cropped up. Now that I got the overall structure pretty much fleshed out I can get on with all the little details and clean up the multiple gaps between kits.

Keep in mind this is a very rough early look at the project.  There is still a lot to go back and fix/ glue down, panel out and more parts to be added. Believe it or not the interior is still intact (and the ramp doors still open and close) so I will even be going back to paint that. Unfortunately that mean some of the panels can’t be permanently attached yet.

I’ve been taking pics along the way so I’ll have a in depth step by step guide to the conversion once I get it completed (hopefully in a week). Here is a brief list of things yet to be added, and below that PICS!

  • Landing gear
  • Front stubby wings, with HB underslung
  • Land raider hatches (where black sharpie marks are)
  • 2nd S foil wing similar to T- Hawk?
  • Lots of armor plating
  • 45 Degree Fillet structure on the bottom connecting the front half to back
  • 4x Bloodstrike Missiles

I’d really like some feedback on this project, so please lets hear your .02! Yes the dread is attached by a magnetic clamp, how’s it look?

  • EDITORIAL: I Have Become a Veteran