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40K Open Thread: The Marine Assault Squad

Apr 24 2010

Here’s a quick one for you all to chew around on a fine Saturday.  Marine Assault Squads.

I’ve been experimenting a bit with these of late as I’ve been tinkering with my plain vanilla Combat Tactics lists, and have noticed a general shift in usage away from the pack to foot assaults in a variety of transport modes.

My current 2000pt Space Marine list is fielding 2 full 10 man squads with no packs and chaplains in a pair of Land Raiders.  On turn one, these race up to midfield and park, holding the center of the table with a heavy firepower and tough to enter zone of “you are going to get countercharged to death”.  This is the backbone of the army, which allows my tacs in Rhinos to sweep forward into more advanced positions to lay down fire.  The Tacs try to stay within 12″ of the midpoint of the board to be within charge range of the assaults if they get hit by enemies (which they do).  Its been working out pretty well.

So what are you guys seeing and how do you field assault squads in the heavy mech 5th environment? Pack, no packs, transport options, reserves, deepstriking???

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