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FFG’s Horus Heresy: Out of the Box

Apr 16 2010

So we just got our hands on FFG’s new Horus Heresy boardgame, and I have to say, its pretty awesome.

You can see the official promo video below:


UPDATE: Due to GW Licence Termination – Game videos have been removed by FFG.

While I want to get a few more games under my belt before writing a full review, I can say that my first game was fun, and the game seems very cool. It definitely made me feel like I was commanding massive armies across an entire theater of war. The Primarchs are awesome, and create very characterful battles and interventions during the game. For a closer look at the contents of the box, check out our unboxing video:

~I’m excited to play this game again, and hope to have a full review up soon. What do you guys think?


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