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WFB: 8th Edition – What Needs Fixing? (with GW video)

Apr 19 2010

So its official folks.  WFB Fantasy 8th edition is on the way this July.  That of course means the books are wrapped and in the pipeline.  The bigger question is what the community feels is most busted in the current edition that needs fixing.

First off lets set the mood with GW’s new announcement video:

Now lets talk about where this open thread comes in.  We all know the obvious ones (*cough* Chaos Daemons), but there are a lot of army books out there with widely disparate power levels.  Should Games Workshop try to fix such things through the core rulebook at all, or just let the individual problems get cleaned up on an army book by army book basis.  In any case its a very sticky problem to tackle in such a venerable system without having to resort to a full system reboot.  8th Edition will be a fine balancing act on the design side, for sure.

~So lets hear what you think are the biggest big picture issues with 7th edition, and how you hope the GW design studio can deal with the problems in the core rulebook.  Generals of the Old World, the floor is yours.

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