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WFB: Deathstars Part Two: Warriors of Chaos

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Apr 29 2010

Deathstars Part Two: Warriors of Chaos

By Revenant

The WoC deathstar is somewhat random. Since, it involves dice rolls to reveal its full potential there are times when you can kill or cripple it before it becomes unstoppable. Lets see what makes it tick.

The WoC deathstar revolves around a unit of Chosen Warriors and 2 Warshrines. The Chosen Champion takes the 5 point Favor of the Gods magic item and gets busy. The WoC player then crosses his fingers and hopes that on one of the three rolls for Eye of the Gods will be an 11 or 12. Thus giving this unit of chosen a 4+ ward, maybe 3+ ward with mark of Tzn, MR2, and stubborn. This is probably the hardest to deal with of the three popular deathstars because of the ward save. Packed in close in this unit is 2 to 4 characters that will be blasting away at you with magic. This unit load out can be up to 1800 victory points!!!

Amazing stats for rank and file that get buffed even more
Heavy Magic Phase
Excellent Magic Defense
Magic Resistance

Movement 4” and is very slow
Usually surrounded by less than stellar support troops
Magic dependant to get the majority of its points
Characters have to challenge

General Anti-WoC Deathstar tactics:
Avoidance: This is similar to the vampire count star tactic. The Chosenstar depends totally on magic to get the majority of its victory points. Unless you dont feed it big point units. If you can march block it and keep your units shielded or out of range of magic spells like flick fire and buboes it will struggle to gain points off you.

Blitz and hope for bad luck: The Chosenstar depends on rolling a 11-12 early. It will eventually hit it by the sheer amount of rerolls the favor can generate, but, there are games where it doesn’t happen till late such as turn 4 or 5. If you have a fighty unit that can face non ward saved Chosen with character support and have the opportunity go for it. If you get 1st turn and the WoC player is confident you will be able to charge by turn 2. If you can get in there before that unit is warded up it can be breeze. If you don’t think you can break it in one round though I suggest a different approach. If you give the WoC player another turn of rolling EoTG rolls it can be disaster.

Assassinate if the Chosen rolled 12: If the Chosen roll divine favor at the start of the game this can be a good thing. Characters in the chosen unit do not receive the before game buff. This means that the characters are totally dependent on armor to stay alive. Sending a hitty unit like ironguts or bloodknights in could net you a lot of points by simply assassinating all the characters. Your opponent will most likely not consider this and will give you the chance.

Kill the Chaff: If your magic defense is top notch consider killing the 3 core units and 2 shrines and avoiding the Chosenstar. You need a fast moving army if the chaos player decides to hide the core units in the backfield. At worse you can get a draw by just keeping your quarters and breaking the shrines.

Have you ever faced a deathstar BoLS? Do you have any ideas on how to handle the warriors of chaos chosen unit of doom? Please post your thoughts and stories of facing these monster units on the tabletop, and good hunting!

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