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40k Hobby: Sons of Horus Pre-Heresy Summoned Greater Demon

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May 23 2010

I’ve been putting more work into my Sons of Horus minis, who’ve become my favorite army without question.  I thought extensively about what I could use as a counts as Greater Demon and decided on using one of my favorite models in the entire 40k line, the Penitent Engine.

Though he is technically not 100% done at this point, he’s pretty close.  In hind sight, I probably would have used a Mechanicus marine instead of the chaos marine, but he looks good here as well.

I was really going for the dirty/heavily used metal look for him.  I accomplished that by using the same gray primer as the rest of the army, followed by a devlin mud wash and a gunmetal dry brush.  Some final highlights got him to this point.  The marine is attached to the metal parts using sculpted green stuff.  I think the conversion worked brilliantly and it fits great into the army.

~More pictures over on Bushido 40k including work in progress photos.  I’ve started working on a Nurgle prince that will probably be finished in a couple weeks.  As always, comments welcome.

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