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Editorial: Cons for Retired Gamers

I consider myself a retired tournament gamer – but I’m having more fun at tournaments than ever before… For the past year or so, ever since the end of 5th edition when the competitive environment was really starting to wear thin I’ve considered myself retired from the major tournament scene.  I’ve lost pretty much all […]

Wargames Con Painting Competition

Hey there BoLS.  Just wanting to let everyone know about the painting competition open to all registrants at Wargames Con. Last year’s overall winner. WargamesCon 2012 Painting Competition Rules Pack First up, grab all the rules right here for the contest.   This is the Painting Competition’s 4th year and the competetion just keeps getting […]

EDITORIAL: Bandwagon Armies

Hey all, I’ve been thinking a lot lately as I haven’t had much time to paint models or play any games.  War Games Con is in full swing and keeping the staff super busy, but I’ve gotten some time to sit and think about 40k in general.  Maybe its mostly the Austin environment, but I’m really getting tired […]

Yme-Loc Cobra Memorial

Hey there BoLS, perhaps you guys remember some of the posts about the memorial Yme-Loc Eldar army The Girl has been spearheading.  I volunteered to paint her Cobra and now that Adepticon is done, I’ve actually be able to get it really started.

Bushido’s Deathwing Tutorial

Hey everyone, a couple people have asked exactly how I paint my Deathwing so here is a tutorial. As with all my projects, I start out with a wet pallete As primer, I use Krylon Grey Primer that you should be able to get at Walmart or Home Depot for a couple bucks.  It has […]

40K: Deathwing on the Road To Adepticon

Hey everyone, Adepticon is very quickly approaching and guess what I’m taking to Chicago… I’ve been trying to get my army ready.  I was flip-flopping on which army I wanted to play for quite a long time.  I though about playing a similar but complete Chaos Sons of Horus list similar to what I played […]

40K: The Rock has Returned to Caliban!

It’s been a very long time coming, but at long last the First Legion/Chapter – The Dark Angels have returned to the fray.   Dark Angels, focused primarily on the Deathwing has been my favorite army for a very long time now.  It was my third army, after Tau and some Tyranids that were given to […]

40k Hobby: Blending

Hey everyone.  There has been a rather large number of requests for advanced painting techniques, so I’m here to deliver.  Today, I’m going to be talking about a technique that I’ve only recently started using to any sort of success.  I think it’s a technique that anyone who wants to have a truly amazing looking […]

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