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WFB: Heavans Magic: Bang for your Buck

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May 2 2010

Bang for your Buck
by Revenant

Heavens magic is really a good choice for magic. It doesn’t have the raw damage output that some of the other lores have. However, it provides some excellent versatility that you might have not thought of.

Portent of Far

Most players think this is a combat spell. However, it is not totally limited to the combat phase. Rerolling 1st to hit and wound works in the shooting phase. And rerolling 1s to wound also works in the magic phase.

Consider casting this on your level4 caster before he starts blasting away with spells. Any 1’s to wound for spells like fireball or creeping death can be rerolled for maxing out killing potential. If you were particularly effective with this in the 1st turn , portent might even draw some dispell dice this turn.

Try casting portent on a unit of ranged troops. They will be able to reroll any 1s to hit and wound. This can really shine when enemies are in close range and only 2s might miss. My high elf hero with the reaver bow usually hangs out in the repeater bolt thrower making this spell doubly brutal. Letting me reroll any 1s to with both the RBT and the reaver bow!

Second Sign

Second Sign of Amul works on saves! Key armor and ward saves win and lose games in big combats. If all of a sudden you are able to reroll that 1 for the last wound on your lords armor save it can be a gamechanger!

Celestial Shield

This is probably the most situational spell in the heavens lore. However, being able to give big creatures like dragons a 4+ ward vs shooting will most likely draw some dice vs armies with warmachines.

Forked Lightning and Thunderbolt

Most people don’t realise, but there is no range requirement for either of these spells. Plus, they are not magic missiles. So as long as your mage can see the target he can zap the crap out of them. Since, it is not a missile attack a lot of defensive items that only work vs missiles will not on lighting and thunderbolts.


This is one of the few long range radius spells we have in fantasy. Comet has some history in Warhammer. It was the most devastating spell in 6th edition. It has been toned down quite a bit since then , but, it still provides a hard hitting threat that doesn’t require line of sight. Depending on your tournament organizer it may not even be effected by Hotek.

The next time your rolling for spells consider trying out an old friend. It may not be fire and forget Str5 atomic bombs like the old days. But, it can provide a versatile and fun lore to crush your enemies with.

How about it BOLS? Do you use Heavens Lore? Whats your favorite lore to use? Please post your comments.


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