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40K HOBBY: Master Forrix of the Iron Warriors, Heresy Era

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Jun 20 2010

A one off I did of a special character from the Fly Lords Age of Heresy supplement. I based him off the Chaos Terminator Lord with elements added from loyalist Terminators as well. His shoulder pads are Dreadnought shin guards. The tassel is from a Skaven Plague Monk.

He is painted with boltgun metal over white. This is then washed with Devlan Mud and Badab Black, waiting for each layer to completely dry before doing the next. This ultra dark metal is then highlighted with straight Mithril Silver, for a stark highlight. The yellow is Iyanden Darksun highlighted with Golden Yellow. There is some Brown Ink added in some of the crevices.

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Author: Kris Lon
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