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Goatboy’s Conversion Corner: MegaNobz & Boss

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Jun 2 2010

Hi Goatboy here with a showing of the new Mega Nobz I made for a local painting contest. I know they are not the best option game wise, but I just really like the idea of stomping around Ork Jerks with a crazy army.

 The regular models are pretty neat, but with limited poses and overall set up, the models look kind of flat. I saw a post off of another site that showcased someone building them out of AOBR nobz, and I decided, screw it I want to build some of my own.

When I built these models I used a Black Ork as the base for the first one, with the others being an AOBR nob as well as 3 Nobs from the awesome plastic Nob boxed set. The first one was my test, and he looks kinda goofy. I like it as it just feels orky to me. It also makes me think of the big metal robot thingies from the movie, The Fifth Element.

From there, I started to get into more dynamic and crazier designs in the plastic card/for sale sign. It all ended with the Warboss, which utilized the cool Warboss from AOBR. If you play orks, I am sure you have a ton of these guys. If not, go look around as they are pretty easy to get.

So the parts list
5 Nobz from somewhere. If you get one box of the nobz, this will work fine.
1 For Sale sign from a Hardware store. Cheap Plasticard
1 Warboss from AOBR
Lots of random wire and other nonsense.

The guitar wire was the actual pewter wire from Dragon Forge Design. It bends really easy and is a heck of a lot easier to deal with. The smooth wire are some speaker wires from a crappy set of computer speakers. I also used some of the left over bits from some Storm Boy commission builds as well as just pieces of random Space Marine rhino stuff.

I went with a very dirty style to match some of my other ork stuff. I also kinda went the Iron Warrior hazards on different parts, to help just make the model look different. I ended up doing some light sources, depending on if I found something that should be a light. Each model took about an hour or so to put together, as cutting all the pieces is sorta random and can take a bit to make sure things fit.

But there you go, customer Mega Nobz that are not metal and hopefully won’t shatter if they happen to take a tumble.


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