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WFB: New Trolls and the Beginning of Throgg Force

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Jun 10 2010

New Trolls and Beginning of Throgg Force
by Revenant

I have been putting off making a Throgg Warriors of Chaos army for a long time. But, once I got a look at the new Troll plastics I couldn’t resist.  Here’s what I’m building now:

Throgg’s 2250pt List:
Lv4 Sorcerer Lord of Nurgle on Chaos Steed with Demon Sword, Enchanted Shield, Favor of the Gods
Lv2 Nurgle Sorceror on Chaos Steed with Infernal Puppet
Lv1 Tzn Sorcerer on Disc with Scroll, Golden Eye of Tzeentch

3 x 5 Chaos Hounds
2 x 3 Trolls
8 Trolls
6 Slaanesh Chaos Knights with Standard/Warbanner
2 x Slaanesh War Shrines

This list has a few ways it can be played:
  • Hang back and cast spells.
  • Put the lev4 and throgg in the big troll block for a troll deathstar
  • Split all the characters up and try to hit hard everywhere

Here are the new sprues. You have just a few left over bits that will be useful for conversions.

Here is a pic of some new Chaos Trolls assembled. I still need to greenstuff some gaps on the shoulder area and some of the jaws. These guys are pretty fun to assemble but do require a decent amount mold line shaving and a good amount of time. Each troll is no less then 11 pieces. The sprues are labeled A, B, and C in the box. I found the feet on troll B difficult to fit nicely in his ankle joint.

Once I am done assembling all of the trolls I am going to add some spikes, tentacles, eyes and other chaotic bits.
My plan for Throgg is:

  • give him a different weapon like a big halberd
  • be the exclusive troll that is vomiting in my force
  • lots of spikes
  • have his base be a mountain of bodies

Do you folk like the new Trolls? Have any comments on my chaos force? Think my list could use some retooling? This may be my last 7th edition WFB post.  The Brave New World of 8th awaits! 

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