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Darkwynn’s Corner: Min-Maxing and the European Gamer

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Jul 12 2010
Darkwynn’s Corner
Min-Maxing and the European Gamer

The 40k European championship is coming right around the corner and one thing I noticed is a lot of the Europeans are taking a particular style of list.  More after the jump…

The European lists that have been passed around so far are min maxed affairs with a couple of one trick pony units and take the least amount of troops. Personally I find this weird as it limits their options on the tabletop and if a smart player blows away your troops the best you can do is secure a tie since you can’t control objectives. Here is an example of a pretty common type of list that Team America looks like its going to be facing:

HQ1: Farseer, runes of warding, runes of witnessing, spirit stones, doom, fortune, jetbike
HQ2: Farseer, runes of witnessing, spirit stones, mindwar, fortune, jetbike
HQ3: 10 Warlocks, jetbikes, 2 singing spears, embolden, enhance
HQ4: 9 Warlocks, jetbikes, 2 singing spears, embolden, enhance

Troops1: 3 Guardian jetbikes, shuriken cannon
Troops2: 3 Guardian jetbikes, shuriken cannon
Troops3: 5 Dire Avengers

HS1: Falcon
HS2: Falcon, holo fields, spirit stones, shuriken cannon

Yes, it’s designed to have its two units do most of the work and have one Falcon carry the Dire Avengers to spots on the other side of the table but I see it having big troubles. You can either focus on the deathstar unit if you’re mechanized and start taking down Warlocks or just blow away the rest of the troops and they can be severely hampered in an objective game. There isn’t anything special about this list ,it presents no surprises, and you know what is coming towards you and what is not. Hopefully the Europeans can offer some great games and America won’t beat too hard on Team Germany.

If you want to check out the Roster for Team America here is the link at  thankfully hosted by Allstate insurance and a big thank to our sponsor BattleFoam. If you want even more info on Team America check out the Bio’s of players on my blog Darkwynn’s corner

~So what do you all think of that list folks?   Is this type of thing the current 40k meta in Europe?    Finally, you know its coming… GO TEAM AMERICA!!! Let the friendly jabs and support for your national team fly!

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