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Forgeworld: The “Not-Heresy” Plot Thickens

Jul 23 2010

So following up on last week’s Mk.V Heresy helmet shown off by Forgeworld, we get this image and tasty morsel this week.

From Forgeworld:

we can say for now is that it is well and truly set in the 41st Millenium…

So we get a Mk.V Heresy helmet last week then this one (to me it looks like an artist’s impression of either a Mk.2 or Mk.3 helmet).  We know the upcoming project is involving marines but is set in the current timesetting.

~Anyone else think we maybe looking at a book involving either a First-founding chapter or some CSMs who are havine 41st Millenium adventures with plenty of thier old Heresy-era equipment stocks???  In any case this looks like good times ahead for the Heresy modelers out there.

PS, there is also an updated Death Korps IG list you can download here.  Have at it.

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