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NEWS: 40K Radio Has a New Owner

Jul 8 2010

Thats right folks, after several weeks in limbo, this statement appeared on the Battlefoam website:

For the past few weeks many rumors have been spread about 40k Radio and Battle Foam partnering up. Well, the facts are in and the good news can be shared. Battle Foam LLC has reached an agreement with Spencer Harding to buy the show. Battle Foam LLC is the new owner of 40K Radio LLC. 40K Radio has been registered as a new Arizona based company and will be run by the good folks at Battle Foam. Look for amazing new content and two great hosts named George Miller and Rik Massei. Stayed in touch with all the latest news on

Interesting times indeed.  No word yet on when the new show will be spinning up, but it looks like 40K Radio is getting a 2nd lease on life.  Have at it guys.

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