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WARGAMESCON: Calling all Bloggers

Jul 28 2010

We are getting very close now, so while the community hasn’t quite headed off to the airport I wanted to bend your ear for a minute.  WarGamesCon isn’t just a typical tournament, its a real chance for the bloggers out there to meetup, swap tips and have a great time.

I know a ton of the regular wargames bloggers will be there, so no matter if you have been blogging for years, of just started out a couple of weeks ago come prepared:

1: You’re bringing you laptop of course… You can’t blog without it.
2: Video camera, iphones and anything else you need to get some great stuff for your readers back home next week.
3: Camera with tripod (Trust me, there will be all kinds of great minis and games to shoot pics of)
4: Write your blog and handle on your Lanyard/ID card so we can all figure out who’s who.
5: Come ready for a party!

Cya guys (and gals) in person soon.  Its gonna be a blast!

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