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40K NEWS: IA:9 Badab War Pics

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Aug 21 2010

Well, we got a bunch of pics of the Badab War minis and the cover shot of the upcoming book from Forgeworld unveiled at Games Day North America 2010.  Lets jump in:

Lufgt Huron in termy armor
Further word has IA 9-10 Being Badab and IA:11 being the Eldar vs Space Wolves and IG on an arctic world and will feature the upcoming Phantom Titan.  Sorry for you general 40K/WFB fans, but in the non-Forgeworld department, nothing was reveiled at the event.

Wow, the Badab War!  Its nice to see Forgeworld ranging ahead, and filling in these great yet virtually unknown parts of 40k history.  This is going to be cool!  Also as a Heresy modeller… YEAH!!!

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